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Broker Change Application (For Broker Licensees) RE 204 - California

Broker Change Application (For Broker Licensees) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Licensing Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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State of California Bureau of real eState Broker Change appliCation (For Broker Licensees) RE 204 (Rev. 7/13) Received Date Real Estate MATTERS! This form is to be used by brokers only (including those working as broker-salespersons). Licensed salespersons must use RE 214; corporations and corporation officers must use RE 204A. Read instructions on reverse side before completing. Note: License changes with an asterisk may be completed online by using eLicensing. (Refer to information on page 2.) BRE UsE Only Type of Change (Mark one or more boxes) Mailing address* Main Office Address* personal name add/Cancel fictitious Business name broker information 1. liCense iDenTifiCaTion nuMBeR 2. BRokeR naMe (lasT) (fiRsT) (MiDDle) 3. BRokeR new peRsonal naMe (lasT) (fiRsT) (MiDDle) BRE UsE Only 4. Do you ResiDe in CalifoRnia?.............................................................................................................................................................................. if no, an "Re 234" May Be RequiReD. see ReveRse siDe. 5. BRokeR Mailing aDDRess (sTReeT aDDRess oR posT offiCe Box) yes no CiTy sTaTe Zip CoDe BRE UsE Only 6. BRokeR Main offiCe aDDRess (sTReeT aDDRess) -- enTeR Main aDDRess oR "no Business aDDRess"; Do noT leave Blank. CiTy sTaTe Ca Zip CoDe BRE UsE Only 7. ResiDenCe phone nuMBeR 8. Business phone nuMBeR ( ( ) ) ( ) 9. Cell phone nuMBeR 10. eMail aDDRess 11a. fiCTiTious Business naMe (DBa) -- pRinT as iT appeaRs on filing fRoM CounTy CleRk. aDD oR CanCel 11B. aDDiTional fiCTiTious Business naMe, if any aDD oR CanCel 12. oRiginal signaTuRe of BRokeR (if naMe Change has oCCuRReD, use new legal naMe.) · Refer to pages 2 & 3. · Enter one name per line. · Check "add" or "cancel" box. · Attach FBNS. · Broker-Salesperson's -- Do not list your employer or your employer's DBA. DaTe bre use only pRoC. # CoMMenTs DaTe pRoCesseD American LegalNet, Inc. RE 204 Try elicensing instruCtions Instructions Page 2 of 2 Use eLicensing for expedited processing of your change. Licensees can perform the following transactions using the eLicensing system at · Broker and salesperson renewals · License certificate requests (broker, salesperson, officer and branch) · Salesperson additions/changes of employing broker · Broker discontinuation of salesperson employment · Mailing address changes · Broker main office address addition/changes · Automated fee payment and processing Type or print clearly in ink (black or blue; do not use red). Business and license mailing addresses are public information and as such are posted on the Internet and available from BRE via telephone and written requests. Please consider this when identifying a license mailing address. If you electronically re-create this form to facilitate completion on a computer, the form should not be altered in any manner. To do so, could result in disciplinary action. Also, please make certain you do not delete any preprinted information and are using the latest version of the form. General Information Broker-salesperson Many real estate brokers elect to work for other brokers in a capacity similar to the relationship existing between a licensed real estate salesperson and an employing broker. However, such broker-salespersons are still licensed by the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) as real estate brokers. Only by written agreement with another broker are they acting as broker-salespersons. Section 2726 of the Commissioner's Regulations requires that "... every real estate broker shall have a written agreement with each of his salesmen, whether licensed as a salesman or as a broker under a broker-salesman arrangement." Even though a broker may act as a broker-salesperson in a relationship with another broker, for Bureau of Real Estate licensing and record-keeping purposes the licensee is still a broker. This means that a broker-salesperson should still communicate with BRE using only appropriate broker forms and applications. When using the proper broker forms no reference should be made to the name (or fictitious name) of the broker for whom the broker-salesperson works. That type of information is irrelevant as there is no reference in the BRE records that such a working relationship exists. It is also imperative that a broker-salesperson speak for himself or herself, meaning that any requests for record changes be made by the broker-salesperson and not by anyone else on his or her behalf. A broker-salesperson should never use salesperson forms or applications when renewing or making changes to a broker record. Doing so will cause delays in processing whatever is requested. Remember -- a broker is always a broker regardless of any working relationship that may exist with another broker. PRIVACY INFORMATION: Section 1798.17 of the Civil Code requires this notice be provided when collecting personal or confidential information from individuals. Each individual has the right to review personal information maintained by this Agency, unless access is exempted by law. Bureau of Real Estate Managing Deputy Comm. IV 1651 Exposition Blvd. Licensing, Examinations, & Education Sacramento, CA 95815 Telephone: 877-373-4542 General powers of the Commissioner, Sections 10050, 10071, and 10075 of the Business and Professions Code authorizes the maintenance of this information. Business and Professions Code Sections 30, 31(e) and 494.5(d) require each real estate licensee to initially provide to the Bureau of Real Estate his or her social security number which will be furnished to the Franchise Tax Board. The Franchise Tax Board will use your number Check the appropriate "change" box(es) on page 1 and complete all information requested on the application. Change of Personal Name -- Enter full new name (do not refer to any other broker, DBA or company name). Attach verification of name change (i.e., legible copy of drivers license, marriage certificate, court order, etc.). Sign line #12 with your new name. If you have a DBA on record, a Fictitious Business Name Statement must be refiled with your new name. Mailing Address -- The mailing address (post office box, residence or business address) is used to mail correspondence to you. Non-California Residents -- If residing outside the State of California, a notarized Consent To Service Of Process (RE 234) is also required, if not already on file. If not maintaining an office in California, submit an Outof-State Broker Acknowledgment (RE 235).
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