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Ohio Estate And Additional Tax Return Filing Notice 5 - Ohio

Ohio Estate And Additional Tax Return Filing Notice Form. This is a Ohio form and can be used in Department Of Taxation Statewide .
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ET 5 Rev. 7/03 Estate Tax Unit 1-(800) 977-7711 tax.ohio.gov Ohio Estate and Additional Tax Return Filing Notice This form should not be sent to the Estate Tax Unit in Columbus. File with the probate court. Estate of: Decedent's last name Decedent's first name and initial Case number Date of death Address of decedent at time of death (city, village or township) If nonresident, where in Ohio is property located? I, hereby give notice that on Date probate judge of County Ohio, do , Executor/administrator has filed the following: Estate Tax Return (estate tax form 2) Amended Tax Return (estate tax form 2X) This return indicates a tax due of $ Nonresident Tax Return (estate tax form 4) Additional Tax Return (estate tax form 3 or 3N) Other Distribution Date of Death: On or After Jan. 1, 2002 State of Ohio Local subdivisions ­ ­ 20% 80% Date of Death: Jan. 1, 2001 ­ Dec. 31, 2001 State of Ohio Local subdivisions ­ ­ 30% 70% Date of Death: July 1, 1983 ­ Dec. 31, 2000 State of Ohio Local subdivisions ­ ­ 36% 64% Probate judge By Deputy American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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