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Thirty-Day Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement 4-903 - New Mexico

Thirty-Day Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in Civil Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Local District Court .
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THIRTY-DAY NOTICE1 TO TERMINATE RENTAL AGREEMENT (Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act) To: Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________, New Mexico __________ You are notified that the undersigned terminates the rental agreement concerning the premises at2: ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________, New Mexico _________ effective ___________________, _____ (date), and the premises are to be restored to the owner on that date. Prepaid rent and damage deposit, if any, will be dealt with in accordance with the Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act and any agreement between the parties. Failure to vacate by this date will result in a legal action being filed against you. Dated this _____ day of ________________, _____. ________________________________ (Owner) (Agent) (Resident) Service of notice personally delivered to resident posted mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested Delivered Posted Mailed: Time: ____________________ Date: ____________________ By3: ____________________ Time: ____________________ Date: ____________________ By3: ____________________ USE NOTE 1. The party giving notice should retain two (2) copies for possible court action. This form may also be used for a mobile home park with less than 12 units. See Subsection C of Section 47-10-2 NMSA 1978. If the residency is week-to-week, strike the words "Thirty-Day" in the title to this form, and insert the words "One-Week". If the residency is month-to-month, the thirty (30) day notice must be given at least thirty (30) days before the periodic rental date; for example, if the rent is due on the 1st, the notice must be given at least thirty (30) days before the 1st. 2. If the leased premises is an apartment, include the name of the apartments and the apartment number. 3. Include the name of the person delivering, posting or mailing the notice. Rule 4-903 NMRA; as amended, effective 9/2/97; 4/6/98 CV-108 Thirty-Day Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement (Rev. 02/08) American LegalNet, Inc.
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