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Settlement Facilitator Evaluation - New Mexico

Settlement Facilitator Evaluation Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in Alternative Dispute Resolution 1st Judicial District Local District Court .
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First Judicial District Court, Court Constituent Services SETTLEMENT FACILITATOR EVALUATION Facilitator's Name: Case No. D-___________-_________-____________________________ [Date of Referral: ] Are you: 1. an attorney o Petitioner/Plaintiff o Respondent/Defendant 2. a party o Petitioner/Plaintiff o Respondent/Defendant in this case. Your name: PLEASE PRINT and complete box above, clarifying your relationship to case. Your name will not be shared with the Settlement Facilitator. SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE DATE: EVALUATION DATE: Please answer the following 9 questions. Comments may be added at the bottom of the page. Your responses will be kept anonymous and confidential; the settlement facilitator won't know how you rated him/her unless you tell him/her. This form must be faxed or mailed to Court Constituent Services within 5 days after the settlement conference concludes. How do you rate the settlement facilitator's: Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good 1. Overall performance? 2. Evenhandedness toward all parties? 3. Ability to communicate with the parties and counsel? 4. Ability to deal with impasse? 5. Management of the settlement conference? 6. Preparedness? 7. Understanding of the central issues in the dispute? 8. Would you choose to use this settlement facilitator again? Yes No Not Applicable Excellent 9. What should attorneys and participants know about this settlement facilitator in considering whether to use him or her? (Use a second sheet of paper if necessary.) Please fax to Joanne Trujillo at 505.455.8280 or mail it to her at Court Constituent Services, First Judicial District Court, P. O. Box 2268, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2268. If you have questions, please call 505.455.8145. Z/Forms/Settlement Facilitation/Referral Orders/ SF Evaluation Rev. 07.31.12 American LegalNet, Inc.
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