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Order On Trustees Motion No Under LBR 2016-2 For Approval Of Cash F 2016-2.2.ORDER.TRUSTEE.DISBURSE - California

Order On Trustees Motion No Under LBR 2016-2 For Approval Of Cash Form. This is a California form and can be used in 1010-1 Thru F 9075-1 Local USBC Central Federal .
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Chapter 7 Trustee Name, Address, Telephone & FAX Numbers & Email Address FOR COURT USE ONLY UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA In re: CASE NO.: CHAPTER: ORDER ON TRUSTEE'S MOTION NO. UNDER LBR 2016-2 FOR APPROVAL OF CASH DISBURSEMENTS BY THE TRUSTEE No hearing held Hearing held DATE: TIME: COURTROOM: PLACE: Debtor(s). 1. 2. The cash disbursement motion is Granted Denied. The trustee is is not authorized to disburse funds from the estate as set forth on Exhibit B to trustee's Motion filed as docket number . and the trustee is directed to give notice to the United 3. The motion is set for hearing on at States trustee and to all objecting parties or their attorneys. Date: _____________________ United States Bankruptcy Judge This form is optional. It has been approved for use by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California. December 2013 Page 1 F 2016-2.2.ORDER.TRUSTEE.DISBURSE
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