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Notice To Withhhold Income - New Mexico

Notice To Withhhold Income Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in Civil San Juan County 11th Judicial District Local District Court .
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STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF SAN JUAN ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT ________________________________ Petitioner v. ________________________________ Respondent No. D-1116-DM VERIFIED NOTICE TO WITHHOLD INCOME Name of payor: Last 4 digits of payor's SSN (if known): Payor's address: Payor has been ordered to pay child support pursuant to a court order entered on (date) in (name and location of court). The above referenced court ordered payor to pay child support in the following amount: $ per (pay period or month as stated in the court order). According to the employer's pay periods, either $ per week; $ biweekly; $ monthly; or $ bi-monthly is to be deducted from payments made to the payor as required by the Support Enforcement Act NMSA 1978 §40-4A-1 et. seq. Payments shall be made payable and sent to either of the following as ordered by the Court (choose one alternative): [ ] CSED, Account # P.O. Box 25109 Santa Fe, NM 87504 [ ] Directly to receiving parent at this name and address (name of receiving parent) (mailing address of receiving parent) INSTRUCTIONS FOR EMPLOYER/PAYOR: (see Support Enforcement Act, NMSA 1978 §40-4A-1 et. seq.) 1. Withholding must begin no later than the next payment of income that is payable to 1 American LegalNet, Inc. the payor following receipt of this notice to withhold income. 2. The maximum amount that may be withheld in any period pursuant to this notice and any other garnishment against the income of a single payor is fifty percent of net income (the amount of income after deductions). 3. If withholding for support obligations combined with other withholdings such as garnishment of a single payor would exceed the fifty percent limit, and no court order has directed otherwise, the following priorities apply: a. All support withholdings must be made in full before any payments on garnishments. b. Where a single payor is subject to withholding for more than one support obligation, allocate the withholding between or among the support obligations. 4. If you are withholding income on more than one payor and each amount is being sent to the same agency, you may remit the combined amount to the agency in one check so long as each individual amount and account number is identified. 5. You may deduct from the payor's income a one dollar ($1.00) fee for each withholding of income. 6. Income withholding shall continue until you are no longer paying the payor or until you receive a duly filed court order or notice to terminate or modify the withholding at which time the termination or modification of the withholding must be accomplished within fourteen (14) days. 7. If or when you are no longer paying the payor, you must notify the agency or the person to whom your payments have been made. You must also inform the agency or person of the last known address of the payor and any subsequent employer if known. 8. You may not discharge, discipline, refuse to hire, or otherwise penalize any person to whom you provide income because of this duty to withhold. I state upon my oath or affirmation that this document and the statements in it are true and correct to the best of my information and belief. Payee's signature: Payee's address: STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF SAN JUAN ) ) ) SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this __________ day of _______________, 20__ by ______________________________, the payee. __________________________________ Judge, Notary or other officer authorized to administer oaths. My commission expires; or title 2 American LegalNet, Inc.
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