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Conservators Annual Report Packet - New Mexico

Conservators Annual Report Packet Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in Civil 3rd Judicial District Local District Court .
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CONSERVATOR'S REPORT & ACCOUNT READ and FOLLOW these instructions Use this form to report tell the court about the incapacitated person's progress and condition and about how you carried out your duties. Filing this report is REQUIRED. Third Judicial District Court 201 W. Picacho Las Cruces, NM 88005. FILL OUT THE ATTACHED REPORT FORM STEP 1 Fill out the report form completely. Print or type your answers: Use black ink. MAKE COPIES OF YOUR REPORT You need at least 3 copies of the report. STEP 2 You can make copies anywhere. Most courts do not have copy machines for the public and not all court clerks can make copies for you. You may need to leave the courthouse, make your copies, and come back to file your paperwork. DO NOT copy this instruction sheet or the statute text. FILE THE REPORT AT THE DISTRICT COURTHOUSE Bring the ORIGINAL and all COPIES of your report to the district court clerk's office. The court clerk files and keeps the original. The court clerk keeps one copy for the judge and returns the rest of the copies to you. STEP 3 SERVE (deliver) THE COPIES OF THE REPORT STEP 4 Keep one copy for YOU. Give one copy to the incapacitated person and to his/her guardian (if any). This step is required. You must file a NEW report every year within 30 days of the date of your appointment You must file a report if you resign, are removed, or if the conservatorship ends. American LegalNet, Inc. FOR YOUR INFORMATION, FOLLOWING IS THE STATUTE TEXT Statutory Chapters in New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978 CHAPTER 45 Uniform Probate Code ARTICLE 5 Protection of Persons Under Disability and Their Property PART 4 PROTECTION OF PROPERTY OF PERSONS UNDER DISABILITY AND MINORS ยง45-5-409 Annual report and account A. Every conservator shall file an annual report and account with the appointing court within thirty days of the anniversary date of the conservator's appointment, upon the conservator's resignation or removal or upon termination of the conservatorship. A copy of the annual report and account shall also be mailed to the district judge who appointed the conservator or his successor, to the incapacitated person and to his guardian, if any. The report shall include information concerning the progress and condition of the person under conservatorship, a report on the manner in which the conservator carried out his powers and fulfilled his duties and the conservator's opinion regarding the continued need for conservatorship. The report may be substantially in the following form (see the attached fill-in-the-blank form). B. Any conservator may rely on a qualified health care professional's current written report to provide descriptions of the physical and mental conditions required in items 6, 7 and 10 of the annual report and account as specified in Subsection A of this section. C. The court shall not waive the requirement of an annual report and account under any circumstance, but may grant an extension of time. The court may require the filing of more than one report and account annually. D. The conservator may be fined five dollars ($5.00) per day for an overdue annual report and account. The fine shall be used to fund the costs of visitors, counsel and functional assessments utilized in conservatorship and guardianship proceedings pursuant to the [Uniform] Probate Code [45-1-101 NMSA 1978]. E. In connection with any account, the court may require a conservator to submit to a physical check of the property in his control, to be made in any manner the court may order. F. In any case in which property consists in whole or in part of benefits paid by the veterans administration to the conservator or his predecessor for the benefit of the protected person, the veterans administration office that has jurisdiction over the area is entitled to a copy of any report and account filed under Chapter 45, Article 5 NMSA 1978. American LegalNet, Inc. STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF DONA ANA THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT IN THE MATTER OF THE CONSERVATORSHIP OF Case No. , (Print Name of Person under Conservatorship) A protected person. CONSERVATOR'S REPORT AND ACCOUNT Pursuant to Section 45-5-407 NMSA 1978, the undersigned duly appointed, qualified and acting conservator of the above-mentioned incapacitated person reports to the court as follows: 1. 2. My name is: My address and telephone number are: (Address) (Telephone) 3. The name, if applicable, and address of the place where the person under conservatorship now resides are: 4. The name of the person primarily responsible for the care of the person under conservatorship at such person's place of residence is: Conservator's Report and Account Revised 09/09 American LegalNet, Inc. Page 1 of 3 5. The name and address of any hospital or other institution where the person under conservatorship is now admitted on a temporary basis are: 6. A brief description of the physical condition of the person under conservatorship is: 7. A brief description of the mental condition of the person under conservatorship is: 8. A brief description of contracts entered into on behalf of the person under conservatorship during the past year: 9. Describe all financial decisions made during the past year including all receipts and disbursements, any sale, lease or mortgage of estate assets and any investment made on behalf of the person under conservatorship: Conservator's Report and Account Revised 09/09 American LegalNet, Inc. Page 2 of 3 10. The reasons, if any, why the conservatorship should continue are: DATED this _______ day of ____________________, 20___. Respectfully submitted, (Your signature) (Print Nam e) (Address) (Telephone) Conservator's Report and Account Revised 09/09 American LegalNet, Inc. Page 3 of 3
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