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DV-Motion To Modify - New Mexico

DV-Motion To Modify Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in McKinley County 11th Judicial District Local District Court .
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STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF McKINLEY ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT ___________________________________________Petitioner v. No. D-1113- DV____________________ _______________________________________________Respondent APPLICATION TO MODIFY, TERMINATE OR RENEW THE ORDER OF PROTECTION FROM DOMESTIC ABUSE [ ] Petitioner [ ] Respondent asks the court: (check and complete applicable alternatives) [] to modify the protection order as follows: ____________________________ ________________________________________________________________. to terminate the protection order because: ____________________________ ________________________________________________________________. to renew and extend the protection order for an additional _______ (days) (months) because: _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________. [] [] The other party: [] [] [] objects to the renewal, modification or termination of the protection order. agrees to the renewal, modification or termination of the protection order. has not told me whether (he) (she) objects or agrees to the renewal, modification or termination of the protection order. American LegalNet, Inc. VERIFICATION STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF SAN JUAN TRIBE OR PUEBLO_______________ The petitioner respondent was sworn and state: I, the Petitioner/Respondent, being duly sworn upon my oath, depose and state that I am the Petitioner/Respondent in the above-entitled cause and I have read this application to modify, terminate or renew the order of protection from domestic abuse. I state that the contents thereof are true and correct to the best of my information and belief. _________________________________ Date __________________________________ Signature of party filing this application Signed and sworn before me on this ________day of ___________, ______. _______________________ Notary public/Deputy Clerk My commission expires/Title:__________________________ CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that on this ________ day of ___________, ________ this application was mailed by United States mail, postage prepaid, and addressed to: Name:_______________________________________ Address: City, State and zip code: faxed by_____________________(name of person who faxed document) to ______________________ (name of recipient) at_____________ and (telephone number). The transmission was reported as complete and without error. The time and date of the transmission was ________ (a.m.)(p.m.) on _______________________(date). OR emailed by______________________(name of person who transmitted) to __________________________(name of recipient) at ______________ (electronic mail address of recipient) who agreed to service in this manner. The transmission was successful. The time and date of the transmission was ___________(a.m.)(p.m.) on_________________(date). 2 American LegalNet, Inc. ___________________________ Signature of attorney ___________________________ Date of signature If this notice was served by a person other than an attorney, the following must also be completed and filed with the court. AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE I declare under penalty of perjury that a copy of this application was served by [mail] [fax] [electronic transmission] as described above on this _________day of__________, _________. ____________________________ Signature of person who made service Subscribed and sworn to before me this________ day of________________,_______. __________________________________________ Judge, notary or other officer authorized to administer oaths __________________________________________ My commission expires/Title 3 American LegalNet, Inc.
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