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Notice Of Hearing 4-113 - New Mexico

Notice Of Hearing Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in Civil Statewide .
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4-113. Notice of hearing. [For use with Magistrate Court Civil Rule 2-307 NMRA and] Metropolitan Court Civil Rule 3-307 NMRA] STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF ____________________ _____________________ JUDICIAL DISTRICT _____________________________, Plaintiff v. _____________________________, Defendant No. __________ NOTICE OF HEARING The Honorable __________________ will hear the above cause in the __________________ County courthouse located at _________________________ (street) in room ________ on __________ the ___ day of ______________, ______ at _____ (a.m.) (p.m.)1. _________ (minutes) (hours) is allotted for the hearing on ___________________2. Notice [mailed] [delivered] [faxed] on ____ day of ______________, ______. __________________________________ Judge USE NOTES 1. Please notify the clerk of the court of the nature of any disability at least five (5) days American LegalNet, Inc. before any hearing, so appropriate accommodations can be made. 2. Specify the matters to be heard. [Approved, by Supreme Court Order No. 05-8300-05, effective March 21, 2005.] 2 American LegalNet, Inc.
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