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Interim Order Allocating Income And Expenses 4A-213 - New Mexico

Interim Order Allocating Income And Expenses Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in Domestic Relations Statewide .
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4A-213. Interim order allocating income and expenses. [For use with Rule 1-122 NMRA] STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF ___________________________ ___________________ JUDICIAL DISTRICT _________________________________________, Petitioner, v. No. __________ _________________________________________, Respondent. INTERIM ORDER ALLOCATING INCOME AND EXPENSES1 This matter having come on for a hearing by the court and the court being sufficiently advised FINDS, CONCLUDES, AND ORDERS: 1. NOTICE AND APPEARANCES (check only applicable paragraphs) [] Petitioner was present. [] Petitioner was represented by counsel. [] Respondent was present. [] Respondent was represented by counsel. [] Respondent was properly served with a copy of the notice of hearing on the motion for temporary order dividing income and expenses. 2. The parties have agreed to the income and expenses of the parties except: _____________________________________________________________. The parties shall receive the income and pay the expenses as listed on the Interim Monthly Income and Expense Statement. Each party shall presumptively be responsible for any debts the party incurs during the pendency of this case. Any assets obtained by either party after the entry of this order from that party's share of net spendable income are presumptively the separate property of the obtaining party. Each party shall use the party's share of the income to pay the party's respective expenses for food, clothing, telephone, utilities, gasoline, car maintenance, entertainment, meals out, haircuts, attorney fees, ordinary medical and dental expenses, and other personal expenses. 3. 4. 5. 6. American LegalNet, Inc. 7. _____________________ (name of party) shall pay to ____________________ (name of party) _____________________ dollars ($__________)2 per month by check or money order, delivered or postmarked on or before the ______ of each month during the pendency of this case. The medical and dental expenses of the child or children not covered by insurance shall be paid one-half by each party. Notwithstanding entry of this order, all claims and defenses are preserved. This order shall remain in effect during the pendency of this case except as modified by court order. Disobedience of this order can constitute contempt of court and subject the violator to fine, imprisonment, and other sanction, plus payment of attorney fees and costs to the other party. ______________________________ District judge 8. 9. 10. 11. Recommended by: ____________________________ Hearing officer ____________________________ Attorney for petitioner ___________________________ Attorney for respondent CERTIFICATE OF MAILING I _________________, certify that I caused a copy of this report and recommendations to be served on the following persons by (delivery) (mail) on this ______ day of ____________, _________________: (1) _____________________ (Name of party) _____________________ (Name of party) _____________________ Attorney (2) USE NOTE 1. This form is used with Form 4A-212 NMRA. American LegalNet, Inc. 2. For the amount to be transferred or paid, see Line 12 of Form 4A-212 NMRA. [Approved, effective November 1, 2000 until November 1, 2001; approved, effective November 1, 2001; 4A-123 recompiled and amended as 4A-213 by Supreme Court Order No. 13-8300-010, effective for all pleadings and papers filed on or after May 31, 2013, in all cases pending or filed on or after May 31, 2013.] Compiler's note. ­ Pursuant to Supreme Court Order No. 13-8300-010, former 4A-123 NMRA was recompiled and amended as 4A-213 NMRA effective May 31, 2013. American LegalNet, Inc.
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