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Final Decree Of Dissolution Of Marriage 4A-305 - New Mexico

Final Decree Of Dissolution Of Marriage Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in Domestic Relations Statewide .
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4A-305. Final decree of dissolution of marriage (without children). STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF __________________________ ____________________ JUDICIAL DISTRICT _____________________________________ Petitioner, v. No. __________ _____________________________________ Respondent. FINAL DECREE OF DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE (without children)1 This matter was brought before the Court to enter a Final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage by Petitioner and Respondent ("the parties"). This decree references one of the following: (select only one) [] A Marital Settlement Agreement that has been signed and filed by the parties, and that settles the claims related to their marital relationship; (Or) [] A Marital Settlement Agreement that is attached as Exhibit A, because the parties did not settle the claims related to their marital relationship.2 The Court, having considered the evidence FINDS AND CONCLUDES: 1. parties. 2. The parties are incompatible. The Court has jurisdiction over the subject matter of this action and over the 3. The Marital Settlement Agreement is fair and reasonable and should be adopted by the Court. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED: 1. The marriage of Petitioner and Respondent is dissolved on the grounds of incompatibility. American LegalNet, Inc. 2. The parties are ordered to comply with the terms of the Marital Settlement Agreement, which (select one) [] (Or) [] is attached and adopted as the order of the Court. has been filed with the Court and is incorporated here by reference. (Select and complete the following paragraphs if applicable) [] 3. The Court retains jurisdiction to enter QDROs or other orders dividing the retirement plans referenced in the Marital Settlement Agreement. Judgment in favor of [ ] Petitioner (or) [ ] Respondent is awarded in the amount of $__________, as set forth in Section III of the Marital Settlement Agreement (Cash Payment). The statutory interest rate shall apply as provided in Section 568-4(A) NMSA 1978. Petitioner's name is restored to the former name of ________________. Respondent's name is restored to the former name of ________________. SO ORDERED: _____________________________ District Court Judge By signing below I affirm under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of New Mexico that everything in this document is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, including the following: 1. Right to trial is waived. I understand that by signing the Final Decree, I am waiving my right to a trial before a Judge. 2. No duress or coercion; complete agreement. I am not under force, threats, duress, coercion or undue influence from anyone, including the other party, to sign this Final Decree. This Decree and any attachments that I have signed is our full agreement. I have not agreed to something different from what is stated in writing in this Decree. 3. Legal advice. I understand that even if I am representing myself without an attorney, I have the right to be represented by an attorney. I have the right to call an attorney and get legal advice before I sign this Final Decree. ______________________________ _______________________________ [] 4. [] [] 5. 6. American LegalNet, Inc. Petitioner's signature Date: __________________________ Mailing address: _________________ _______________________________ Telephone:______________________ Respondent's signature Date: __________________________ Mailing address: _________________ _______________________________ Telephone: _____________________ USE NOTE 1. This form may be used anywhere in this state by the court to enter a final decree of dissolution of marriage when the parties do not have minor children or a child under nineteen years of age who is attending high school. 2. If the parties are not in agreement, each party must complete and submit a proposed draft of this document to the court with this decree. See Form 4A-301 NMRA (Marital Settlement Agreement). The court may approve some or all of the proposed terms of either party, or it may order any other terms that it deems are just and proper. [Approved by Supreme Court Order No. 13-8300-010, effective for all pleadings and papers filed on or after May 31, 2013, in all cases pending or filed on or after May 31, 2013; as amended by Supreme Court Order No. 14-8300-011, effective for all pleadings or papers filed on or after December 31, 2014, in all cases filed or pending on or after December 31, 2014.] American LegalNet, Inc.
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