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Criminal Case Information Sheet (5TH DCA Information Sheet For Criminal Appeals) 5DCA-01 - California

Criminal Case Information Sheet (5TH DCA Information Sheet For Criminal Appeals) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Fifth Appellate District Court Of Appeals .
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5TH D.C.A. INFORMATION SHEET FOR CRIMINAL APPEALS FROM: SUPERIOR COURT, COUNTY OF CASE TITLE: PEOPLE v. SUPERIOR COURT NO.: 1. This appeal has been taken by the from an order/judgment of Date: 2. Defendant was convicted: after jury trial _______ day(s) after court trial lasting _ other _ _________ day(s) upon a plea of guilty or nolo contendere Defendant People Both, DEFENDANT'S D.O.B.: _ by Superior Court Judge: 3. If defendant was convicted after a plea of guilty or nolo contendere: defendant has filed the statement required by Penal Code § 1237.5 and the trial court has executed and filed the certificate of probable cause required by that section. (Please attach a copy of such statement and certificate.) the Notice of Appeal states that the appeal is based solely on grounds: - occurring after entry of the plea which do not challenge the validity of the plea, or - involving a search and seizure, the validity of which was contested pursuant to Penal Code § 1538.5. 4. Defendant's trial counsel has has not filed the statement required by Penal Code § 1240.1. (Statement of Arguably Meritorious Issues) (Please attach a copy of such statement.) 5. Is defendant at this time represented on this appeal? If yes, please state name, address, and phone number of his/her counsel: 6. Address and, if available, phone number of defendant: 7. Were any codefendant(s) tried with this defendant: If "Yes" complete the following: Codefendant's name Case # Yes No If Sentenced, Date? If Notice of Appeal Filed, Date? (If more than 3 codefendants, please attach a separate page.) 8. Does defendant have any pending appeals? Case # Yes No. If "Yes" complete the following: Date Notice of Appeal Filed 9. Court reporter(s) responsible for record preparation: IMPORTANT You are required to attach copies of the following documents: 1. Notice of Appeal 2. Abstract of Judgment (CR-290 + 292, as applicable) or Minute Order, if not a felony conviction. 3. Penal Code § 1240.1 (Statement of Arguably Meritorious Issues) (If Filed) 4. Penal Code § 1237.5 (Statement and Certificate of Probable Cause) (If Filed) 5DCA-01 American LegalNet, Inc.
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