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Application For Changed Assessment (Sacramento) SBE-AH 305 - California

Application For Changed Assessment (Sacramento) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Assessment Appeals Board Sacramento Local County .
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APPLICATION FOR CHANGED ASSESSMENT SACRAMENTO COUNTY ASSESSMENT APPEALS BOARD 700 H Street, Suite 2450 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 874-8174 $30.00 NON-REFUNDABLE PROCESSING FEE MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF FILING AGENCY USE ONLY This form contains all the requests for information that are required for filing an Application For Changed Assessment. Failure to complete this application may result in rejection of the application, and/or denial of the appeal. Applicants should be prepared to submit additional information if requested by the Assessor, or at the time of the hearing. Failure to provide information the Appeals Board considers necessary may result in the continuance of the hearing. 1. NAME OF APPLICANT (PLEASE PRINT) (Last, First, Middle Initial) 2. NAME OF AGENT OR ATTORNEY FOR APPLICANT AGENT/ATTORNEY'S MAILING ADDRESS (PLEASE PRINT) STREET ADDRESS (MUST be applicant's mailing address) CITY PHONE ( ) E-MAIL ADDRESS STATE ZIP CODE CITY PHONE ( ) E-MAIL ADDRESS STATE ZIP CODE AUTHORIZATION OF AGENT If the applicant is a corporation, the agent's authorization must be signed by an officer or authorized employee of the business entity. If the agent is not an attorney licensed in California, or a spouse, child or parent of the person affected, this section must be completed. A separate authorization may be attached to this application. Refer to the instructions for the required information. PRINT NAME OF AGENT AND AGENCY: is hereby authorized to act as my agent in this application and may inspect the Assessor's records, enter into stipulations and otherwise settle issues relating to this application. Signature of Owner/Applicant/Officer Printed Name of Owner/Applicant/Officer Title of Owner/Applicant/Officer PAR-SUB Date 3. PROPERTY IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION PARCEL NUMBER TAX BILL NUMBER Year PROPERTY ADDRESS OR LOCATION Property Type (check one) Single Family Residence/Condo/Townhouse Apartments (number of units) Commercial / Industrial VALUE Economic Unit Agricultural Vacant Land Business Personal Property / Fixtures Boat/Aircraft Other Improvements on Leased Land Possessory Interest Yes No IS THIS PROPERTY AN OWNER-OCCUPIED SINGLE-FAMILY DWELLING? CF/Tail No. Bill Number 4. Land A. VALUE ON TAX ROLL B. APPLICANT'S OPINION OF VALUE C. APPEALS BOARD USE ONLY 5. TYPE OF ASSESSMENT BEING APPEALED (Check one): IMPORTANT - SEE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILING PERIODS Regular Assessment - Value as of January 1 of the current year Improvement (Structure) Fixtures Personal Property TOTAL VALUE Penalties Supplemental Assessment (Attach a copy of Notice or Tax Bill) Date of Notice or Tax Bill Roll Year Roll Change/Escape/Calamity Reassessments (Attach a copy of Notice or Tax Bill) Date of Notice or Tax Bill Roll Year 6. THE FACTS THAT I RELY UPON TO SUPPORT REQUESTED CHANGES IN VALUE ARE AS FOLLOWS: You may check all that apply. If you are uncertain of which item to check, please check the "I. Other" box and provide a brief explanation of your reason(s) for filing this application. Separate applications must be filed for secured and unsecured assessments - Rule 305(c)(3). PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE COMPLETING THIS SECTION. A. DECLINE IN VALUE: The Assessor's roll value exceeds the market value as of January 1 of the D. CALAMITY REASSESSMENT: The Assessor's reduced value is incorrect for property damaged by current year. misfortune or calamity. E. PERSONAL PROPERTY / FIXTURES: Assessor's value of personal property/fixtures exceeds market B. CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP: 1. All personal property / fixtures. 1. No change in ownership or other reassessable event occurred on the date of . 2. Only a portion of the personal property/fixtures. Attach description of those items. F. PENALTY ASSESSMENT: The penalty assessment is not justified. G. CLASSIFICATION: The Assessor's classification and/or allocation of value of property is incorrect. 2. Base year value for the change in ownership established on the date of is incorrect. C. NEW CONSTRUCTION: 1. No new construction or other reassessable event occurred on the date of . H. APPEAL AFTER AN AUDIT: MUST include description of each property, issues being appealed, and your opinion of value. Please refer to instructions. 1. Amount of escape assessment is incorrect. 2. Assessment of other property of the assessee at this location is incorrect. 2. Base Year value for the new construction established on the date of is incorrect. I. OTHER: Attach explanation. 7. WRITTEN FINDINGS OF FACT ($250 PER REQUEST): 8. Are not requested Do you want to designate this application as a claim for refund? Yes No Please refer to instructions first. Are requested 9. HEARING OFFICER: Change in ownership and new construction issues may be heard by a Hearing Officer or a three-member Assessment Appeals Board. I wish to be heard by a Hearing Officer (check box). SIGNATURE: I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing and all information hereon, including any accompanying statements or documents, is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I am: (1) The owner of the property or the person affected (i.e., a person having a direct economic interest in the payment of the taxes on that property -"the applicant"), (2) An agent authorized by the applicant under Item 2 of this application, or, (3) An attorney licensed to practice law in the State of California, State Bar No. ___________________________, who has been retained by the applicant and has been authorized by that person to file this application. Signed At Signature Name and Title: Please print or type City & State Owner Agent Attorney Spouse Registered Domestic Partner Child Date Parent Person Affected SBE-AH 305 (rev 4/14) American LegalNet, Inc.
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