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Pro Se Financial Disclosure - Delaware

Pro Se Financial Disclosure Form. This is a Delaware form and can be used in Chancery Court Statewide .
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THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS REQUIRED IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR REQUEST TO USE AND/OR BORROW FUNDS FROM THE GUARDIANSHIP ACCOUNT PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY AND PROVIDE ANY DOCUMENTATION THAT WILL SUPPORT YOUR RESPONSES. 1. Family Income ­ Please provide sources and amounts of income (excluding income of the minor child) available to the family in the twelve month period prior to the date of this petition. 2. Income of the Minor Child ­ Please provide the source and amount of of all income which was received by or on behalf of, or which should have been received by or on behalf of, the minor child in the twelve month period preceding the date of this petition. Include all social security income, child support payments, etc. American LegalNet, Inc. 3. Family Assets ­ Please list all liquid assets to which the family has access, excluding real estate and personal property. The list should include the type of asset (checking and/or savings accounts, cash, stocks and bonds) as well as the value of the assets. 4. Family Expenses ­ Please list the expenses the monthly family income is directed to paying. American LegalNet, Inc. 5. Explanation ­ Please explain why the expenditure you have requested is necessary to the minor child and why it cannot be met using other resources of the family. Notary Signature of Guardian American LegalNet, Inc.
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