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Pro Se Final Order (For Appointment) Guardian Of The Person (Only) - Delaware

Pro Se Final Order (For Appointment) Guardian Of The Person (Only) Form. This is a Delaware form and can be used in Chancery Court Statewide .
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IN THE COURT OF CHANCERY OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE IN THE MATTER OF: , a disabled person : : : : : C.M. # FINAL ORDER FOR APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN(S) OF THE PERSON WHEREAS, on leave blank a hearing was held in the above-matter ("hearing"); WHEREAS, Petitioner(s) Petitioner's name(s) is/are the Relationship to alleged disabled person of Disabled person's name (hereinafter called "the disabled person"), and the disabled person's next of kin have waived notice and consented (agreed) or has/have received notice through certified mail to the appointment of the petitioner(s) as guardian of the person of the disabled person; WHEREAS, ____________________________, Esquire, the previously appointed leave blank attorney ad litem for the disabled person has been personally served at least ten (10) days before the date of the hearing and has rendered his/her report; and WHEREAS, the Court having reviewed the petition and affidavits, considered the medical report, and considered the statements made and evidence presented at the hearing, finds that Disabled person's name is a disabled person because he/she is aged, mentally infirmed, and/or physically incapacitated. By reason thereof such disabled person is unable to properly manage and/or care for his/her person and consequently, such disabled person without a guardian is in danger of substantially endangering his/her health or becoming subject to abuse by other persons or becoming the victim of designing persons. American LegalNet, Inc. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, this _________ day of ____________________, 20_____, leave date blank as follows: 1. Petitioner's name(s) is/are hereby subject to the Disabled person's name appointed guardian(s) of the person of applicable law and Rules of the Court relating to the care and management of disabled persons pursuant to 12 Del. C. ยง 3922. 2. The guardian(s) shall file a status report with the Register in Chancery every year on the anniversary date of the appointment of guardian(s) (the date of this Order) as required by the Rules of this Court and at any other time the Court shall direct. The status report shall include the current mailing address of the disabled person and the guardian(s), and the current medical statement from the attending physician setting forth the current medical status of the ward and addressing the need for a continued guardianship. 3. The guardian(s) is/are required to pay $ leave blank to leave blank , Esquire, for his/her services as the attorney ad litem for the disabled person. The attorney ad litem is hereby discharged. 4. The Register in Chancery of this Court is appointed agent of the guardian(s) to accept service of process on behalf of the guardian(s) as to any claim arising out of the guardianship if, by reason of the guardian's absence from this State, he/she/they cannot be served. 5. In the event of the disabled person's death, the guardian(s) shall notify the Register in Chancery's Office within ten days. ______________________________ Chancellor/Vice Chancellor/Master American LegalNet, Inc.
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