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Notice Of Hearing On Adequacy Of (Amended) Disclosure Statement (Chapter 11) LBF 3017-1A - New Hampshire

Notice Of Hearing On Adequacy Of (Amended) Disclosure Statement (Chapter 11) Form. This is a New Hampshire form and can be used in Bankruptcy Court Federal .
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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT DISTRICT OF NEW HAMPSHIRE In re: _________________________________, Debtor Bk. No. ________-_________-_______ Chapter 11 NOTICE OF HEARING ON ADEQUACY OF (AMENDED) DISCLOSURE STATEMENT DATED_______________________ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a hearing on the adequacy of the (Amended) Disclosure Statement Dated_______________ (the "Disclosure Statement") will be held on ____________________ at the United States Bankruptcy Court, 1000 Elm Street, 11th Floor, Courtroom______, Manchester, New Hampshire. Parties may request a copy of the Disclosure Statement, in writing, from the undersigned. Objections to the Disclosure Statement must be filed no later than ____________________ with the Office of the Clerk, United States Bankruptcy Court, 1000 Elm Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03101, with a copy to the undersigned at the address set forth below, to the United States Trustee, the chapter 11 trustee, if applicable, and to all other interested parties, and a certificate of such action must be filed with the clerk. If you file an objection or statement, you must also appear at the hearing on the date and time set forth above. Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Signature ____________________________________ Print Name Address_____________________________ ____________________________________ Tel. No._____________________________ LBF 3017-1A (Eff. 2/1/13) American LegalNet, Inc.
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