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Non Payment Petition To Recover Possession Of Real Property - New York

Non Payment Petition To Recover Possession Of Real Property Form. This is a New York form and can be used in General .
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STATE OF NEW YORK CITY/DISTRICT/TOWN/VILLAGE COURT (1) COUNTY OF (2) (4) (3) Index/Docket Petitioner(s)/Landlord(s) -against- No. NON PAYMENT PETITION TO RECOVER POSSESSION OF REAL PROPERTY (5) Respondent(s)/Tenant(s) THE PETITION OF (6) owner and landlord of the prem ises alleges that: 1. The undersigned is the owner/landlord of the prem ises claim ed herein and the petitioner in this action. 2. Respondent(s) (7) possession thereof under (8) is/are the tenant(s) of said premises who entered into rental agreement made on or about (9) between respondent(s) and the landlord (landlord's predecessor), wherein respondent(s) promised to pay to landlord as rent (10)$ each month in advance on the (11) day of each month. 3. Respondents are now in possession of said premises. 4. The premises from which removal is sought are described as follows: (12) which is situated within the territorial jurisdiction of this court. 5. Pursuant to said agreem ent there was due to landlord from respondent tenant(s) rent as follows: (13) (Month) (Month) (Month) (Month) , 20 , 20 , 20 , 20 (Am ount) $ (Am ount) $ (Am ount) $ (Am ount) $ , , , , (Month) (Month) (Month) (Month) , 20 , 20 , 20 , 20 (Am ount) $ (Am ount) $ (Am ount) $ (Am ount) $ . , , , , Respondent/Tenant(s) have defaulted in the paym ents thereof, and the total rent in arrears is (14) $ 6. Said rent having been duly dem anded from the respondent(s) since sam e becam e due: (15) 9 9 Personally by the landlord/owner. By the service of a written three(3)-day dem and for rent on the respondent(s). Page 1 of 2 LT-N-RP 3-08 American LegalNet, Inc. (Page 2) NON-PAYMENT PETITION TO RECOVER POSSESSION OF REAL PROPERTY 7. Respondent(s) hold over and continue in possession of prem ises without landlord's perm ission after said default. (16) G The landlord is in full com pliance with the Em ergency Tenant(s) Protection Act of 1974 (ETPA), as am ended, and the rent dem anded is not greater than the m axim um rent perm itted by law. G The prem ises are subject to rent control and the rent dem anded herein does not exceed the m axim um rent prescribed by the New York State Division of Housing and Com m unity Renewal (DHCR). G The prem ises are presently subject to ETPA, as am ended, because: and the owner of the prem ises: has registered rents and services with the DHCR pursuant to ETPA and the tenant(s) Protection Regulations prom ulgated thereunder; is in com pliance with ETPA; and the rent dem anded herein does not exceed the legal regulated rent perm itted the owner under said Law, Regulations, and appropriate Rent Guidelines Board Orders. The apartm ent is not subject to rent control by reason of: G G G The prem ises are located in a com m unity which has not adopted ETPA. The building in which the prem ises are located was constructed after Decem ber 31,1973. The building in which the prem ises are located has less than 6 units. Petitioner requests final judgm ent: awarding possession of the prem ises to the petitioner/landlord; issuance of a warrant to rem ove respondent(s) from possession thereof; judgm ent for rent in arrears against respondent Tenant(s) for (17) $ (19) Dated: (20) Petitioner Signature / Type or Print Nam e . ; interest from (18) , 20 ; costs and disbursem ents herein. STATE OF NEW YORK, COUNTY OF (21) (22) G G G Petitioner ss: The undersigned Attorney for petitioner (petitioner is not within the county in which deponent's office is located) Agent for petitioner Being duly sworn states: That deponent has read /heard the petition, and the contents of the petition are true to deponent's own knowledge except as to those m atters which are alleged on inform ation and belief, and as to them deponent believes them to be true. (23) (24) (Signature) (Print or Type Name) Sworn to before me this of day , 20 Notary Public Page 2 of 2 LT-N-RP (3-08) American LegalNet, Inc.
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