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CACI (Jury Instructions) Pick List - California

CACI (Jury Instructions) Pick List Form. This is a California form and can be used in Miscellaneous Statewide .
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CACI (Jury Instructions) Pick List These are the filenames of the California Civil Instructions (CACI) as posted on and available through our toolbar/ribbon's jury instructions assembly tool. (The text may also be viewed at Selected instructions are revised in updates released twice yearly, in December and June. The instructions listed below are current through the latest release, which is June 2015. A number of filenames are abridged and/or abbreviated to accommodate computer filename limitations and conventions. Refer to the actual instructions for the full titles. Revoked/restored/renumbered instructions since December 2014 are noted below. For the Civil Rights series (3000 et seq.), however, see our form, CACI 3000 Series Correlation Table. Revoked instructions will be so marked through the two releases [i.e., a year] following revocation, after which those numbers will be shown as reserved for future use. CACI (California Civil Jury Instructions) 00. Special Instruction 00. Special Instruction [blank; not an official CACI instruction] 01 Introductory Instructions 100. Preliminary Admonitions 101. Overview of Trial 102. Taking Notes During the Trial 103. Multiple Parties 104. Nonperson Party 105. Insurance 106. Evidence 107. Witnesses 108. Duty to Abide by Translation Provided in Court 109. Removal of Claims or Parties 110. Service Provider for Juror With Disability 111. Instruction to Alternate Jurors 112. Questions From Jurors 113. Bias 114. Bench Conferences and Conferences in Chambers 115. Class Action Defined (Plaintiff Class) 116. Why Electronic Communications and Research Are Prohibited 02 Evidence 200. Obligation to Prove More Likely True Than Not True 201. More Likely True Clear and Convincing Proof 202. Direct and Indirect Evidence 203. Party Having Power to Produce Better Evidence 204. Willful Suppression of Evidence 205. Failure to Explain or Deny Evidence 206. Evidence Admitted for Limited Purpose 207. Evidence Applicable to One Party 208. Deposition as Substantive Evidence 209. Use of Interrogatories of a Party 210. Requests for Admissions 211. Prior Conviction of a Felony 212. Statements of a Party Opponent 213. Adoptive Admissions 214. [reserved for future use] 215. Exercise of a Communication Privilege 216. Exercise of Right Not to Incriminate Oneself (Evid. Code, § 913) American LegalNet, Inc. 217. Evidence of Settlement 218. Statements Made to Physician (Previously Existing Condition) 219. Expert Witness Testimony 220. Experts Questions Containing Assumed Facts 221. Conflicting Expert Testimony 222. Evidence of Sliding Scale Settlement 223. Opinion Testimony of Lay Witness 224. Testimony of Child 03 Contracts 300. Breach of Contract Introduction 301. Third-Party Beneficiary 302. Contract Formation Essential Factual Elements 303. Breach of Contract Essential Factual Elements 304. Oral or Written Contract Terms 305. Implied-in-Fact Contract 306. Unformalized Agreement 307. Contract Formation Offer 308. Contract Formation Revocation of Offer 309. Contract Formation Acceptance 310. Contract Formation Acceptance by Silence 311. Contract Formation Rejection of Offer 312. Substantial Performance 313. Modification 314. Interpretation Disputed Words 315. Interpretation Meaning of Ordinary Words 316. Interpretation Meaning of Technical Words 317. Interpretation Construction of Contract as a Whole 318. Interpretation Construction by Conduct 319. Interpretation Reasonable Time 320. Interpretation Construction Against Drafter 321. Existence of Condition Precedent Disputed 322. Occurrence of Agreed Condition Precedent 323. Waiver of Condition Precedent 324. Anticipatory Breach 325. Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing Essential Factual Elements 326. Assignment Contested 327. Assignment Not Contested 328. Breach of Implied Duty to Perform With Reasonable Care Essential Factual Elements 330. Affirmative Defense Unilateral Mistake of Fact 331. Affirmative Defense Bilateral Mistake 332. Affirmative Defense Duress 333. Affirmative Defense Economic Duress 334. Affirmative Defense Undue Influence 335. Affirmative Defense Fraud 336. Affirmative Defense Waiver 337. Affirmative Defense Novation 338. Affirmative Defense Statute of Limitations American LegalNet, Inc. 350. Introduction to Contract Damages 351. Special Damages 352. Loss of Profits No Profits Earned 353. Loss of Profits Some Profits Earned 354. Owners or Lessees Damages for Breach of Contract To Construct Improvements on Real Property 355. Obligation to Pay Money Only 356. Buyers Damages for Breach of Contract for Sale of Real Property 357. Sellers Damages for Breach of Contract to Purchase 358. Mitigation of Damages 359. Present Cash Value of Future Damages 360. Nominal Damages 361. [reserved for future use] 370. Common Count Money Had and Received 371. Common Count Goods and Services Rendered 372. Common Count Open Book Account 373. Common Count Account Stated 374. Common Count Mistaken Receipt 380. Agreement Formalized by Electronic Means Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (Civ. Code, § 1633.1 et seq.) VF-300. Breach of Contract VF-301. Breach of Contract Affirmative Defense Unilateral Mistake of Fact VF-302. Breach of Contract Affirmative Defense Duress VF-303. Breach of Contract Contract Formation at Issue 04 Negligence 400. Negligence Essential Factual Elements 401. Basic Standard of Care 402. Standard of Care for Minors 403. Standard of Care for Physically Disabled Person 404. Intoxication 405. Comparative Fault of Plaintiff 406. Apportionment of Responsibility 407. Comparative Fault of Decedent 408. Primary Assumption of Risk Liability of Coparticipant in Sport or Other Recreational Activity 409. Primary Assumption of Risk Liability of Instructors Trainers or Coaches 410. Primary Assumption of Risk Liability of Facilities Owners and Operators and Event Sponsors 411. Reliance on Good Conduct of Others 412. Duty of Care Owed Children 413. Custom or Practice 414. Amount of Caution Required In Dangerous Situations 415. Employee Required to Work in Dangerous Situations 416. Amount of Caution Required in Transmitting Electric Power 417. Special Doctrines Res ipsa loquitur 418. Presumption of Negligence per se 419. Presumption of Negligence per se (Causation Only at Issue) 420. Negligence per se Rebuttal of the Presumption of Negligence (Violation Excused) 421. Negligence per se Rebut
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