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Application for Preliminary Certification of Eligibility for Partial Tax Exemption Under Section 421-a (Packet) - New York

Application for Preliminary Certification of Eligibility for Partial Tax Exemption Under Section 421-a (Packet) Form. This is a New York form and can be used in HPD City Of New York New York Local County .
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Office of Development DIVISION OF TAX CREDITS & INCENTIVES 100 GOLD STREET, Room 8-C09 NEW YORK, N.Y. 10038 (212) 863-8540 PRELIMINARY APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR 421-a PARTIAL TAX EXEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS: Title 28 of the Rules of the City of New York, Chapter 6: The following website claims to be "Current through rules effective August 6, 2016":$f n=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:newyork_ny Anything more recently-adopted that is not reflected in that version of the Rules, e.g. the Mitchell-Lama Rule Amendments, appears to be on this webpage: The 421-a Program is for newly constructed multiple dwellings that commence construction on or before December 31, 2015. A property does not qualify for this program if a Certification of Occupancy has been issued or if there are tenants in occupancy before an application has been filed. Your application must include a certified check or money order for $100.00 payable to the City of New York, Department of Finance. This is a non-refundable deposit towards a non-refundable filing fee of 1% of the total project cost or total project sell-out price, if the project is a coop or condominium. In order to obtain 421-a partial tax exemption benefits, you must complete the enclosed forms. A certificate of eligibility for 421-a benefits cannot be issued until all the necessary documents are submitted to this office. Applications should be complete upon submittal to this office. If certain documents are missing and unavailable at the time of filing, they must be forwarded to HPD as soon as possible. Please file only original applications, affidavits, and forms. In addition, please be sure that a notary seal and an architect's seal are placed where required. The 421-a application package must include the following: 1. Application for Preliminary Certificate of Eligibility - Complete the enclosed forms, pages one through three. 2. Building Services and Amenities ­ This form must be completed for all projects and signed by the applicant. 3. Cooperative or Condominium Offering Plan ­ This book must be supplied by the applicant when filing the 421-a application. If it is not available when filing an application for a preliminary certificate, it must be submitted prior to the issuance of a final certificate of eligibility. 4. Architect's / Engineer's Certification of the Aggregate Floor Area, Dwelling Units & Room Count (aka Architect/Engineer's Self Certification) ( 5. Aggregate Floor Area and Commercial, Community Facility and Accessory Use Report (a/k/a 12% Form) ­ Complete and notarize form. 6. Assessed Valuation History Printout ­ Obtain from the Borough Office of the Department of Finance, Property Division, the assessed valuation (land, improvement, and total) for all tax lots for at least three years prior to the commencement of construction. American LegalNet, Inc. 7. Affidavit in Support of Site Eligibility ­ See 421-a Rules 6-02(f) Site Requirements. 8. Copy of Prior Opinion of Eligibility (if applicable). 9. Regulatory Agreement, Written Agreement, Negotiable Certificates, or Proof of Substantial Government Assistance (if applicable). 10. Copy of New Building Permit(s) plus New Building Application. 11. Start of Construction Affidavit. 12. Complete Set of New York City Department of Buildings Approved Plans. If DOB approved plans are not available, the project's architect can submit a sealed affidavit stating that the plans submitted with the 421-a application are an exact copy of the plans approved by the Department of Buildings. Each sheet must have the architect's true copy stamp and his or her seal. The plans must include a site plan, zoning calculations, typical floor layouts, all floors containing commercial, community facility and accessory use space, basement, cellar and ground floor space. RememberPlans must comply with Local Law 58 for the handicapped. 13. Tax Map (outlining project), Deed, and Request to the Department of Finance, Surveyors Office for Tentative Lot Numbers (if applicable). 14. Survey (of former site if demolition occurred). 15. Contract of Sale or Closing Statement for Land Acquisition Cost. 16. Construction Cost Certification ­ See sample affidavit enclosed. 17. Notification to Local Community Planning Board -This form is required for projects containing more than 20 dwelling units. COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING THREE FORMS IN THE EXCEL TEMPLATE PROVIDED ON OUR WEBSITE: and email to 18. Estimated Development Costs and Capital Requirements - Include hard and soft costs. 19. Estimate Annual Maintenance and Operating Expenses and Non-housing Income Form ­ not required for co-ops and condominiums. 20. Schedule of Rents. If and when a Preliminary Certificate of Eligibility is issued by this office, further instructions will accompany the certification. All applicants must complete the filing process and obtain a Final Certificate of Eligibility from HPD within 90 days of completion of construction (certificate of occupancy date). An application for a Final Certificate of Eligibility must be filed with HPD prior to occupancy of any rental dwelling units. All applications must be complete when submitted. Remember -Apply as soon as possible after the issuance of a New Building Permit and after the installation of initial footings and foundations. American LegalNet, Inc. Page I of3 THE CITY OF NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING PRESERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT 421-a PARTIAL TAX EXEMPTION PROGRAM 100 GOLD STREET, SECTION V, NINTH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10038 (212) 863-5421 or 863-5077/5100/5084 APPLICATION FOR PRELIMINARY CERTIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR PARTIAL TAX EXEMPTION UNDER SECTION 421-a OF THE NEW YORK STATE REAL PROPERTY TAX LAW AND 11-245 OF THE NEW YORK CITY ADMINISTRATIVE CODE This application must be accompanied by a Certified or Bank Check for $100.00 made payable to the City of New York - Department of Finance. HPDUSONLY Docket#: Date Rec'd: TO THE COMMISSIONER: The undersigned applicant hereby requests that a Preliminary Certification of Eligibility for 421-a Partial Tax Exemption be issued to him/her stating that the site and the impr
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