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California Corporations Code Section 1505 Certificate 1505 - California

California Corporations Code Section 1505 Certificate Form. This is a California form and can be used in Domestic Corporations Corporations Secretary Of State .
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1505 California Corporations Code Section 1505 Certificate To become authorized to be designated as a corporate agent for service of process for other entities in California, you can fill out this form or prepare your own document, and submit for filing along with: ­ A $30 filing fee. ­ A separate, non-refundable $15 service fee also must be included, if you drop off the completed form or document. ­ For information about expedited filing requests and current processing times, go to Any California corporation or any foreign corporation qualified in California is eligible to file this 1505 certificate as long as the corporation is active on the records of the California Secretary of State. The status of the corporation can be checked online at After your 1505 certificate is filed, if any of the information changes you may file a new fully completed 1505 certificate. This Space For Office Use Only Corporation's Exact Name (on file with CA Secretary of State) Corporate File No. (issued by CA Secretary of State) If you don't know the file number, leave Item 2 blank. Address for Service of Process (List the complete street address in California of the office where any entity designating your corporation as agent for service of process may be served with process. Do not list a P.O. Box address.) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CA Street Address for Service of Process City (no abbreviations) State Zip Authorized Employees (List the names of all the persons employed by your corporation who are authorized to accept delivery of any copy of service of process, at the address listed in item 3, on any entity who has designated your corporation as its agent for service of process.) Authorized Employees: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Statement of Consent This corporation consents that delivery of a copy of service of process to an authorized employee at the address designated in item 3 shall constitute delivery of any such copy to the corporation, as the agent for service of process. Read and sign below: This form must be signed by an officer of the corporation. Sign here Make check/money order payable to: Secretary of State Upon filing, we will return one (1) uncertified copy of your filed document for free, and will certify the copy upon request and payment of a $5 certification fee. Corporations Code § 1505 1505 (REV 01/2013) Print your name here By Mail Secretary of State Business Entities, P.O. Box 944260 Sacramento, CA 94244-2600 American LegalNet, Inc. Your business title Drop-Off Secretary of State 1500 11th Street, 3rd Floor Sacramento, CA 95814 2013 California Secretary of State
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