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Joint Stipulation To Change Term Frequency Law 659 - Florida

Joint Stipulation To Change Term Frequency Form. This is a Florida form and can be used in Family Law Brevard Local County .
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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, EIGHTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA IN THE COUNTY COURT, BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA DIVISION CIVIL CRIMINAL JUVENILE TRAFFIC OBLIGEE CASE NUMBER 05 - DR - XXXX-XX BAR CODE LABEL JOINT STIPULATION TO CHANGE TERM FREQUENCY CLOCK IN OBLIGOR The undersigned agree and stipulate to the follow ing: 1. An order for support (child support, alimony, arrears) w as entered on directing the obligor to pay support w eekly bi-weekly e m hl semi-monthly monthly. 2. The obligee and the obligor agree to change the frequency to w eekly bi-w eekly semi-monthly monthly. 3. The last payment pursuant to the previously entered order w ill be due on , . 4. The first payment pursuant to this stipulation w ill be due as follow s: (complete those that apply) TERM AMOUNT FIRST PAYMENT DUE Child Support $ Support Arrears $ Alimony $ Alimony Arrears $ $ 5. As of , , Child Support Arrears are $ and Alimony Arrears are $ . DATED: Obligee' s Signature Sw orn to and subscribed before me on Deputy Clerk/Notary Public DATED: Obligor' s signature Sw orn to and subscribed before me on Deputy Clerk/Notary Public . . ORDER THIS CAUSE coming before the Court on the foregoing Joint Stipulation to Change Term Frequency, it is ORDERD AND ADJUDGED: 1. The foregoing Joint Stipulation to Change Term Frequency is approved and the parties are directed to comply w ith the conditions therein. 2. The Brevard County Clerk of Court is directed to adjust the records of the Central Depository accordingly. 3. All other provisions of any previous Orders shall remain in full force and effect. DONE AND ORDERED BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA Law 659 Rev. 10/2005 DATE JUDGE American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkflow.com
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