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Bank-Third Party Levy (Instructions To The Sheriff-Kern County) - California

Bank-Third Party Levy (Instructions To The Sheriff-Kern County) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Sheriffs Department Kern Local County .
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LEVY INSTRUCTIONS TO THE KERN COUNTY SHERIFF The Sheriff must have original instructions signed by the attorney for the plaintiff or the plaintiff if he/she has no attorney in accordance with CCP 262; 687.010. Provide the original writ plus three copies. (PLEASE PRINT EXCEPT FOR SIGNATURE) Plaintiff Name Court Case Number Defendant Name Levying Officer File Number (if applicable) Pursuant to the attached writ, Sheriff is to execute the following (one levy per instruction sheet): Bank Levy Levy on any and all accounts of the judgment debtor(s) Including but not limited to account(s): Levy is to be limited to account(s): Third-Party Levy Levy is for all funds owed to the judgment debtor(s) by the third-party. Levy is to be limited to: Rents Due Levy (levy is for all rents due during the 2-year lien period) Upon the property of the following judgment debtor(s): Defendant/Judgment Debtor #1 Defendant/Judgment Debtor #2 Serve levy upon: Name of Bank (branch name), Institution, Person, or Business CA Address Other Specific Instructions: City Zip Code Social Security Number (if known) Social Security Number (if known) Send all payments and notices to the name and address listed below: Name Daytime Telephone Email @ Address City State Zip Signature of Attorney or Plaintiff Without an Attorney Printed Name of Signer (Required) Date The Sheriff is entitled to his fee for service whether or not the service is successful (GC 26738). All fees must be prepaid unless the Court has issued a valid fee waiver. No refund in an amount of $10.00 or less. (GC 29375.1). American LegalNet, Inc. Basic Levy Instructions 3/16
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