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Coastal Development Permit (Hearing Required) - California

Coastal Development Permit (Hearing Required) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Planning And Development Santa Barbara Local County .
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Santa Barbara County Coastal Development Permit-Hearing Application Page 1 COASTAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT REQUIRING A PUBLIC HEARING A COASTAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT REQUIRING A PUBLIC HEARING (CDH) necessary for major public works and energy projects and for development that is proposed within the "geographic appeals jurisdiction area" as shown on County maps. Approval of this type of Coastal Development Permit may be appealed to the Board of Supervisors and ultimately the Coastal Commission. THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS APPLICATION FORM AND, IF 'D, ALSO CONTAINS AGREEMENT FOR PAYMENT OF PROCESSING FEES Click here to download Agreement to Pay form PLAN AND MAP REQUIREMENTS Click to download Site Plan and Map Requirements RESIDENTIAL WATER SUPPLEMENT FORM Click to download Residential Water Authorization Supplement Form WATER EFFICIENT LANDSCAPE ORDINANCE SUPPLEMENT FORM Click to download Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Supplement Form AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES SUPPLEMENT Click to download Agricultural Activities Supplement form GREENHOUSE SUPPLEMENT Click to download Greenhouse Supplement Questions HAZARDOUS WASTE AND MATERIALS INFORMATION FORM Click to download Hazardous Water and Materials Information Form FIRE DEPARTMENT VEGETATION PLAN INFORMATION For additional information regarding Fire Department Requirements click here STORMWATER CONTROL PLAN For project applicability and SCP submittal requirements, click here South County Office 123 E. Anapamu Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Phone: (805) 568-2000 Fax: (805) 568-2030 Website: Energy Division 123 E. Anapamu Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Phone: (805) 568-2040 Fax: (805) 568-2522 North County Office 624 W. Foster Road, Suite C Santa Maria, CA 93455 Phone: (805) 934-6250 Fax: (805) 934-6258 Updated by FTC 022314 American LegalNet, Inc. Santa Barbara County Coastal Development Permit-Hearing Application Page 2 SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS Cities Sphere of Influence Is this site within a city sphere of influence ** Yes No If yes, which city? ____________________________________________ ___ 12 Copies of completed application form ___ 12 Copies of the Site Plan FOLDED TO 8½" X 11" Click to download Site Plan and Topographical Map Requirements ___ 1 Copy of the Site Plan Reduced to 8½" x 11" ___ 12 Sets of floor plans and building elevations. FOLDED TO 8½" X 11" ___ 2 Copies of the shaded Topographic Map, Click to download Site Plan and Topographical Map Requirements ___ 1 Stormwater Control Plan for Regulated Projects (See Section V) ___ 1 Set of photos taken from three vantage points: · close-up · mid-field · entire project site. NO BLACK & WHITE XEROX COPIES Minimum requirements for submittal: · mount the photos on heavy 8 1/2" x 11" paper · orient the viewer by direction ("looking northwest from...") · note any landmarks ___ 1 Check payable to Planning & Development. ___ 1 Source of water supply and Intent to Serve Letter from serving water district ___ 1 Legal description of the property taken from a title report, the County Recorder's office, or your recent deed. ___ 1 Agreement to Pay Form. Click here to download Agreement to Pay form ** If additional information is needed regarding location of a City's Sphere of Influence, please contact our zoning information counter. NOTES: 1) If you had a pre-application meeting and submittals were recommended as a result of that meeting, your application may not be called complete until those items are also submitted. Updated by FTC 022314 American LegalNet, Inc. PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION SITE ADDRESS:________________________________________________________________________ ASSESSOR PARCEL NUMBER: ___________________________________________________________ PARCEL SIZE (acres/sq.ft.): Gross COMPREHENSIVE/COASTAL PLAN DESIGNATION: __________ Are t no Net ________________________ ZONING: _________________ yes numbers: _________________________________ (include permit# & lot # if tract) Did you have a pre-application? no yes if yes, who was the planner? _______________________ Are there previous environmental (CEQA) documents? no yes numbers: _______________________ 1. Financially Responsible Person ________________________ Phone: ____________FAX: __________ (For this project) Mailing Address: Street City State Zip 2. Owner: Phone: _____________FAX:__________________ Mailing Address: Street 3. Agent: Mailing Address: Street 4. Arch./Designer: Mailing Address: Street 5. Engineer/Surveyor: Mailing Address: Street 6. Contractor: Mailing Address: Street City State Zip City State City State Phone: Zip FAX:_____________ City State City State E-mail:___________________________ Zip Phone: _________________FAX:_______________ E-mail:___________________________ Zip Phone: _________________FAX:_____________ State/Reg Lic#_____________ State/Reg Lic#_____________ Zip Phone: ______________FAX:______________ State/Reg Lic# ______________ COUNTY USE ONLY Case Number:. Supervisorial District: Applicable Zoning Ordinance: Project Planner: Zoning Designation: Companion Case Number: Submittal Date: Receipt Number: Accepted for Processing Comp. Plan Designation American LegalNet, Inc. Santa Barbara County Coastal Development Permit Application Page 4 For all questions below, attach additional sheets if necessary, referencing the section and question number. Please fill in every blank. Use "N/A" where question is not applicable. II. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Please use the space below or type on a separate sheet and attach to the front of your application a complete description of your request including the permit/decision requested, location, setting, and purpose of the project. EXAMPLE: We are requesting a major Conditional Use Permit for a church in the existing building at the corner of ____ and ____. The church would serve a congregation of ____, with services on ____ and ____, classes on ____ and ____ and would include a preschool which would operate on weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. serving a maximum of 50 children ages ____ to ____. A playground is also proposed at the NE corner of the building site. No signs are proposed at this time. One tree will be removed at the SW corner to make room for improvements for parking. The parking area will consist of 100 spaces and will be screened with a landscaped berm. Include parking, grading, storm water drainage, trees fencing, walls, screening an
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