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Certificate Of Compliance (Conditional) - California

Certificate Of Compliance (Conditional) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Planning And Development Santa Barbara Local County .
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CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE (COC) is provided for under the Map Act, Section 66499.35 of the Government Code. It allows a person to apply for a determination as to whether a division of land complied with State and Local laws in effect at the time of the division. If the division complies with applicable provisions of State and Local law enacted pursuant thereto, a Certificate of Compliance shall be recorded, but if the division did not comply with State and Local laws enacted pursuant thereto, a Conditional Certificate of Compliance shall be issued. A Conditional Certificate of Compliance is forwarded by the Public Works Department to Planning and Development for assignment of a case number and scheduling on the Zoning Administrator agenda to consider imposing appropriate conditions in accordance with provisions of Section 66499.35(b) of the Government Code. THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS APPLICATION FORM AND, IF 'D, ALSO CONTAINS AGREEMENT FOR PAYMENT OF PROCESSING FEES Click to download Agreement to Pay form PLAN AND MAP REQUIREMENTS Click to download Site Plan and Topographical Map Requirements FIRE DEPARTMENT VEGETATION PLAN INFORMATION For additional information regarding Fire Department Requirements click here STORMWATER CONTROL PLAN For project applicability and SCP submittal requirements, click here South County Office 123 E. Anapamu Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Phone: (805) 568-2000 Fax: (805) 568-2030 Website: Energy Division 123 E. Anapamu Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Phone: (805) 568-2000 Fax: (805) 568-2030 North County Office 624 W. Foster Road, Suite C Santa Maria, CA 93455 Phone: (805) 934-6250 Fax: (805) 934-6258 Updated FTC 081814 American LegalNet, Inc. Santa Barbara County Certificate of Compliance Application Page 2 SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE Military Land Use Compatibility Planning Requirements Is the site located in an area with any military uses/issues? Yes No Please review the website to determine applicability. This requirement applies to all General Plan Actions and Amendments, and Development Projects that meet one or more of the following conditions: 1) Is located within 1,000 feet of a military installation, 2) Is located within special use airspace, or 3) Is located beneath a low-level flight path Copy of report attached? Yes Cities Sphere of Influence Is this site within a city sphere of influence1 Yes No If yes, which city? ____________________________________________ ___ 9 Copies of completed application form ___ 9 Copies of site plan folded to 8½"x11" Click to download Site Plan and Topographical Map Requirements No ___ 9 Copies of topographic map Click to download Site Plan and Topographical Map Requirements ___ 1 Stormwater Control Plan for Regulated Projects (See Section V) ___ 1 Copy of a site plan reduced to 8½"x11" ___ 1 Copies of an 8½"x11" vicinity map showing project location with respect to identifiable landmarks ___ 1 Copy of the determination letter created by the County Surveyor ___ 2 Copies of Preliminary Title Report not more than 60 days old and/or any other supporting real estate transfer records. ___ 1 Copy of chain of title. ___ 2 Copies each: (as applicable) ___ existing hydrologic studies ___ water well driller's reports ___ well pump test reports ___ water quality analysis ___ percolation tests ___ drywell performance tests 1 If additional information is needed regarding location of a City's Sphere of Influence, please contact our zoning information counter. American LegalNet, Inc. Updated FTC 081814 Santa Barbara County Certificate of Compliance Application Page 3 (NOTE: This information is necessary to evaluate existing and/or proposed wells and septic systems. If you have an existing well or septic system, submit the reports which were completed for their construction. If you are proposing a well or septic system as part of this project, submit any documentation completed as the on of this date. If you have any questions, please contact the Land Use Section of Environmental Health Services at 681-4900.) ___ 2 Copies of 10 year water use data: ___ District/Company meter records for the past 10 years ___ pumpage records for the past 10 years If ten-year history is not available, provide available data. ___ 1 Letter of Authorization for all owners noted in the title report if requestor and owner(s) are not the same. Full addresses of all owners must be on the Letter of Authorization. ___ 1 Check payable to Planning & Development. ___ 1 Agreement to Pay Form Click here to download Agreement to Pay form Updated FTC 081814 American LegalNet, Inc. PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION SITE ADDRESS:________________________________________________________________________ ASSESSOR PARCEL NUMBER: ___________________________________________________________ PARCEL SIZE (acres/sq.ft.): Gross COMPREHENSIVE/COASTAL PLAN DESIGNATION: __________ no Net ________________________ ZONING: _________________ yes numbers: _________________________________ (include permit# & lot # if tract) Did you have a pre-application? no yes if yes, who was the planner? _______________________ Are there previous environmental (CEQA) documents? no yes numbers: _______________________ 1. Financially Responsible Person ________________________ Phone: ____________FAX: __________ (For this project) Mailing Address: Street City State Zip 2. Owner: Phone: _____________FAX:__________________ Mailing Address: Street 3. Agent: Mailing Address: Street 4. Arch./Designer: Mailing Address: Street 5. Engineer/Surveyor: Mailing Address: Street 6. Contractor: Mailing Address: Street City State Zip City State City State Phone: Zip FAX:_____________ City State City State E-mail:___________________________ Zip Phone: _________________FAX:_______________ E-mail:___________________________ Zip Phone: _________________FAX:_____________ State/Reg Lic#_____________ State/Reg Lic#_____________ Zip Phone: ______________FAX:______________ State/Reg Lic# ______________ COUNTY USE ONLY Case Number:. Supervisorial District: Applicable Zoning Ordinance: Project Planner: Zoning Designation: Companion Case Number: Submittal Date: Receipt Number: Accepted for Processing Comp. Plan Designation American LegalNet, Inc. Santa Barbara County Certificate of Compliance App
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