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Agricultural Activities Supplement - California

Agricultural Activities Supplement Form. This is a California form and can be used in Planning And Development Santa Barbara Local County .
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Santa Barbara County Agricultural Activities Supplement AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES SUPPLEMENT This information must be provided for those projects where the property is currently in agricultural production and/or the property is currently under an Agricultural Preserve Contract. The information in this section will be used to evaluate the project's impact on existing agriculture and to determine the project's consistency with the Agricultural Preserve Uniform Rules including, but not limited to: Uniform Rule No. 1 - Agricultural Preserve Criteria Uniform Rule No. 6 - Transfer of Ownership of Land under Agricultural Preserve Contract. Uniform Rule No. 2 - Supportive Agricultural Uses Compatible within Agricultural Preserves 1. Please give Agricultural Preserve Numbers: AG. Preserve No. Assessor's Parcel No. Check if not applicable 2. 3. 4. What is the total acreage under Agricultural Preserve Contract? What is the total acreage under production? acres acres Describe how the proposed project will affect the existing agricultural operations on the site. 5. Please estimate the gain or loss of agricultural land caused by this project due to the following: Gain (in acres) Grading Building Sites Roads, easements, etc. New Crops Non-Agricultural Uses (explain): Loss (in acres) 6. Please provide the following information on the parcels included in this application: Lot No. on Proposed Map Existing Agricultural Use No. of Acres 7. 8. Please submit documentation on the agricultural water source for the contracted site. Please submit a site plan depicting the boundaries of the subject parcel in its entirety with graphic depictions of items listed above. G:\GROUP\P&D\DIGITAL LIBRARY\APPLICATIONS FORMS BROCHURES PUBLIC INFORMATION\PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND FORMS\AG ACTIVITIES SUPPLEMENT FORM.DOC American LegalNet, Inc. updated by ST082808
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