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Appeal To The Board Of Supervisors - California

Appeal To The Board Of Supervisors Form. This is a California form and can be used in Board Of Supervisors Santa Barbara Local County .
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APPEAL TO THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA Submit to: Clerk of the Board County Administration Building 105 E. Anapamu Sreet, Suite 407 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 RE: Project Title_________________________________________________________________________________________ Case Number_______________________________________________________________________________________ Tract/ APN Number__________________________________________________________________________________ Date of action taken by Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator, or Surveyor______________________________________ I hereby appeal the _____________________________of the _____________________________________________________ (approval/ approval with conditions/ or denial) (Planning Commission/ Zoning Administrator/ or County Surveyor ) Please state specifically wherein the decision of the Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator, or Surveyor is not in accord with the purposes of the appropriate zoning ordinance (one of either Articles I, II, III, or IV), or wherein it is claimed that there was an error or an abuse of discretion by the Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator, or Surveyor. {References: Article I, 21-71.4; Article II 35-182.3, 2; Article III 25-327.2, 2; Article IV 35-475.3, 2} Attach additional documentation, or state below the reason(s) for this appeal. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Specific conditions being appealed are: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Appellant (please print): _____________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ (Street, Apt #) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ (City/ State/ Zip Code) (Telephone) Appellant is (check one): _____Applicant _____Agent for Applicant _____Third Party _____Agent for Third Party Fee $____________ {Fees are set annually by the Board of Supervisors. For current fees or breakdown, contact Planning & Development or Clerk of the Board. Check should be made payable "County of Santa Barbara".} Signature: ________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________ ________________________________________________________ FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Hearing set for: ___________________ Date Received: ___________________ By: ________________________ File No. _________________________ American LegalNet, Inc.
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