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Affirmation And Order For Final Discharge PR-8 - California

Affirmation And Order For Final Discharge Form. This is a California form and can be used in Probate Sonoma Local County .
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Name, Address & Telephone No. of Attorney (or Party Without Attorney) Bar No: Attorney For: SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COURT OF SONOMA In the Matter of: Case No: _________________ AFFIRMATION FOR FINAL DISCHARGE I solemnly affirm that: I am the _____________________________ of the above entitled estate; that I have under (Executor, administrator, guardian, etc.) approval, authorization and order of the court paid all sums of money due from me as such ________________________________, and all required receipts and vouchers for same are on (Executor, administrator, guardian, etc.) file in said estate: that distribution and delivery has been made of all the property and assets of said estate in accordance with the decree therefore made and that receipts from all the respective distributees are on file in said estate and that I have performed all acts lawfully required of me as such _______________________________________. (Executor, administrator, guardian, etc.) Executed at ________________________________, California on ______________________. ______________________________________ (Affiant) ORDER OF FINAL DISCHARGE It appearing from the aforesaid affirmation that the above entitled estate has been fully administered and that a final decree of discharge is in order. It is therefore ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED: that _____________________________________, as ____________________________ (Name) (Executor, administrator, guardian, etc.) of the above entitled estate is hereby released and discharged and that ______________and ( he, she) _____________ sureties are discharged and released from all liability to be incurred hereafter. ( his, her ) Dated: ______________________________________ Judge of the Superior Court PR-8 [Rev. 7/1/04] AFFIRMATION AND ORDER FOR FINAL DISCHARGE American LegalNet, Inc.
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