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Domestic Foarm Winery Or Domestoc Mecrobrewery Manufacturing Report - Arizona

Domestic Foarm Winery Or Domestoc Mecrobrewery Manufacturing Report Form. This is a Arizona form and can be used in Liquor Licenses And Control Statewide .
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Print Form ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF LIQUOR LICENSES & CONTROL 800 W Washington 5th Floor Phoenix AZ 85007-2934 (602) 542-5141 DOMESTIC FARM WINERY OR DOMESTIC MICROBREWERY MANUFACTURING REPORT ARS §4-205.04 (B) Please check report type and year that applies to your liquor license Domestic Farm Winery - Fiscal Year: July 1­ June 30, __________ (Year) Domestic Microbrewery - Calendar Year: Jan. 1­ Dec. 31, _________ (Year) 1. Licensee's Name: _______________________________________________________ First (or business on liquor license) Last 2. Liquor License Number: __________________________________________________ 3. Licensee/Agent Name: ___________________________________________________ First Last 4. License Address Location: ________________________________________________________ 5. Amount of Wine Manufactured (in Gallons) _______________________ 6. Amount of Beer Manufactured (in Gallons) _______________________ Reporting party must be an agent, manager or authorized owner listed on the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control records for the Domestic Farm Winery or Domestic Microbrewery. I, ___________________________________________, declare that the content and statements in this document is true, correct and complete. (Print name) X________________________________________________ (Signature) State of __________________County of __________________ The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _________ day of ____________________, ________ Day Month Year _____________________________________ (Signature of NOTARY PUBLIC) American LegalNet, Inc. My commission expires on: _____________________________
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