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Application For Wine Festival License Or Wine Fair License LIC0118 - Arizona

Application For Wine Festival License Or Wine Fair License Form. This is a Arizona form and can be used in Liquor Licenses And Control Statewide .
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Print Form American LegalNet, Inc. 8. Has the festival site owner given permission for use of the site and for the sale of spirituous liquors? 9. Are the spirituous liquors to be sold or served Arizona Domestic Farm Winery Products ONLY? 10. How many wine festival licenses have you applied for this calendar year, including this one? Give the total number of days you have held licensed wine festivals this year YES YES NO NO 11. What security and control measures will you take to prevent violations of state liquor laws at this event? (List type and number of security/police personnel and type of fencing or control barriers if applicable) # Police # Security personnel o Fencing o Barriers 12. Your licensed premises is that area in which you are authorized to sell, dispense, or serve spirituous liquors under the provisions of your license. The following page is to be used to prepare a diagram of your wine festival/fair licensed premises. Please show dimensions, serving areas, fencing, barricades or other control measures and security positions. I, (Print full name) , hereby declare that I am the APPLICANT filing this application. I have read the application and the contents and all statements are true, correct and complete. State of County of The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this (Signature of APPLICANT) X day of Day Month Year , My commission expires on: (Signature of NOTARY PUBLIC) *** FOR USE BY LOCAL GOVERNING AUTHORITY ONLY *** , hereby ¨ APPROVE ¨ DISAPPROVE this application on behalf of (Government Official) I, X (City, Town, or County) (Title) (Signature of OFFICIAL) *** FOR USE BY DLLC ONLY *** ¨ APPROVED By: ¨ DISAPPROVED Date: 2 American LegalNet, Inc. WINE FESTIVAL/FAIR LICENSED PREMISES DIAGRAM (This diagram must be completed with this application) NOTE: Show nearest cross streets, highway, or road if location doesn't have an address. (Show dimensions, serving areas, and label type of enclosure and security positions) 3 American LegalNet, Inc.
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