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Court Criminal Records Search RI-OTS37 - California

Court Criminal Records Search Form. This is a California form and can be used in Criminal Riverside Local County .
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SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA - COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE COURT CRIMINAL RECORDS SEARCH BANNING COURT 135 N. ALESSANDRO RD BANNING, CA 02220 HEMET COURT 880 N. STATE STREET HEMET, CA 92543 SOUTHWEST COURT 30755-D AULD RD., STE 1226 MURRIETA, CA 92563 BLYTHE COURT 265 N. BROADWAY BLYTHE, CA 92225 INDIO COURT 46-200 OASIS STREET INDIO, CA 92201 TEMECULA COURT 41002 COUNTY CENTER DR TEMECULA, CA 92591 RIVERSIDE COURT 4100 MAIN STREET RIVERSIDE, CA 92501 MORENO VALLEY COURT 13800 HEACOCK STE. D201 MORENO VALLEY, CA 92503 I certify that I have searched the indexes for the Superior Court of California, County of Riverside as follows: Name and Date of Birth searched (Include all spellings and aliases): Years Searched: Beginning (year): Ending (year): Search Results: We are unable to locate any records and/or information you requested. The records you requested may exist under another spelling or name; however, based on the information provided, we are unable to locate any records. Additional Fee of $.50 per page for copies and $15.00 for a certified copy is required. Note: Records are routinely destroyed pursuant to Government Code Section 68152 upon expiration of the retention period. The retention period for records is outlined in Government Code Section 68152. To assist you in researching criminal case information, please contact the office: State of California, Department of Justice Bureau of Criminal Identification P.O. Box 903417 Sacramento, Ca 94203-4170 (916) 227-3832 Information found is as follows: Name Case Number Disposition of the Case See Attached To check further, please provide the following information: Other Names: Date of Birth: Driver's License Number: Location of the Violation: Deputy Clerk Case or Agency/Cite Number: Charges: Other Parties on the Case: Other Identifying Information: Date COURT RECORDS SEARCH RI-OTS37 American LegalNet, Inc.
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