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Planned Operational (Non-Retail) ABC-257-NR-REVERSE - California

Planned Operational (Non-Retail) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Department Of Alcoholic Beverage Control Statewide .
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Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control PLANNED OPERATION (NON-RETAIL) 1. APPLICANT NAME(S) (Last, first, middle) 2. LICENSE TYPE(S) 3. PREMISES ADDRESS (Street number and name, city, zip code) 4. PREMISES (Check all that apply) Office 5. MANUFACTURE Warehouse Wine Distilled Spirits Wholesalers Industrial Rural Production Facility IMPORT Restaurant on Premises WHOLESALE (Distribute) Tasting Room Wine Distilled Spirits Beer 6. SELL TO Beer Wine Distilled Spirits Consumers Beer Retailers 7. SURROUNDING AREA Export out of California 8. LOCATED ON 9. TYPE OF STRUCTURE Commercial Residential Other: 10. OPERATING HOURS Major Thoroughfare Secondary Street Other: Single Story Two-Story Multi-Story - Number of Stories: Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Opening Time Closing Time Monday Tuesday 11. BRAND NAME(S) AND TYPE OF PRODUCT(S) (i.e., beer, wine, distilled spirits) WE WILL MANUFACTURE/IMPORT/DISTRIBUTE 12. SOURCE(S) OF SUPPLY OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND SUPPLIER ADDRESS(ES) (Street number and name, city, state, zip code) 13. PRODUCT WILL BE SHIPPED TO ME/US VIA 14. MANUFACTURE GRAPE BRANDY Yes 15. PRODUCT WILL BE SHIPPED TO MY/OUR CUSTOMERS VIA No 16. PRODUCT WILL BE SHIPPED FROM (Street number and name, city, state, zip code) 17. PRODUCT WILL BE STORED AT (Street number and name, city, state, zip code) 18. BUSINESS RECORDS WILL BE MAINTAINED AT (Street number and name, city, state, zip code) 19. FEDERAL BASIC PERMIT REQUIRED FROM BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO & FIREARMS? IF YES, APPLICATION DATE BATF BASIC PERMIT NUMBER Yes Yes Yes No IF YES, APPLICATION DATE BONDED WINERY PERMIT NUMBER 20. BONDED WINERY PERMIT REQUIRED FROM BATF? No IF YES, APPLICATION DATE 21. REGISTRATION REQUIRED FROM STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION? No FOR ABC USE ONLY INFORMATION PROVIDED PROVIDED BY (Name) DATE PROVIDED ABC-578 Instructions to Beer Vendors ABC-413 Instructions to Distilled Spirits Shipper ABC-414 Distilled Spirits Shipper Agreement COMMENTS/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABC-257-NR (REVERSE) (10/08) American LegalNet, Inc.
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