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Short Calendar List Claim Reclaim JD-CL-6 - Connecticut

Short Calendar List Claim Reclaim Form. This is a Connecticut form and can be used in General Statewide .
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SHORT CALENDAR LIST CLAIM/RECLAIM JD-CL-6 Rev. 6-12 Pr. Bk. Secs. 11-13, 11-16, 11-18, 17-31, 25A-13 STATE OF CONNECTICUT SUPERIOR COURT Instructions Do not file with original motion. Use only for reclaiming motions or for motions that must be claimed by rule (Connecticut Practice Book section 17-31). Return date Docket number Name of case (Full name of Plaintiff v. Full name of Defendant) Judicial District Housing Session Geographical Area Number Address of Court (Number, street, town and zip code) The: Plaintiff Other (Specify) Defendant Support Enforcement Officer is claiming or reclaiming the following motion(s) for the SHORT CALENDAR LIST: Date of Motion Number of Motion (If known) Title of Motion Certification to all attorneys I certify that a copy of this document was mailed or delivered electronically or non-electronically on (date) and self-represented parties of record and that written consent for electronic delivery was received from all attorneys and self-represented parties receiving electronic delivery. Name and address of each party and attorney that copy was mailed or delivered to* For Court Use Only Signed (Signature of filer) Print or type name of person signing Date signed Telephone number X Mailing address (Number, street, town, state and zip code) *If necessary, attach additional sheet or sheets with name and address which the copy was mailed or delivered to. Superior Court (Other than Family Support Magistrate Matters) Assigned for Trial Family Support Magistrate Matters American LegalNet, Inc.
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