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Summons Family Actions JD-FM-3 - Connecticut

Summons Family Actions Form. This is a Connecticut form and can be used in Family Statewide .
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SUMMONS FAMILY ACTIONS JD-FM-3 Rev. 9-12 C.G.S. § 52-45a, Pr. Bk. § 8-1 STATE OF CONNECTICUT SUPERIOR COURT Instructions Case Type Minor Codes 00 Dissolution of Marriage 10 Legal Separation 20 Annulment 50 Civil Union - Dissolution, Legal Separation, Annulment 90 All Other 1. Type or print legibly; sign summons. 2. Attach the original summons to the original complaint, and Notice of Automatic Court Orders (JD-FM-158) and attach a copy of the summons and a copy of the Notice of Automatic Court Orders to each copy of the complaint. 3. After service has been made by proper officer, file original papers and officer's return with the clerk of the court at least six days before the return date. 4. Do not use this form for actions in which an attachment or garnishment is being sought or for petitions for paternity or for support orders, or for actions in which an application for relief from abuse is being sought. To: Any proper officer By Authority of the State of Connecticut, you are hereby commanded to make due and legal service of this Summons and attached Complaint and Notice of Automatic Orders. Judicial district of At (Town) Return date (Month, day, year) Address of Court (Number, street, city) Case management date* Case type (From code list above) Major Plaintiff's name (Last, first, middle initial) Plaintiff's address (Number, street, town, zip code) F Minor PTY No. P-01 Defendant's name (Last, first, middle initial) Defendant's address (If known) (Number, street, town, zip code) D-01 * See Form JD-FM-165A - C Notice To The Defendant Named Above 1. You are being sued. 2. This paper is a Summons in a lawsuit. 3. The Complaint attached to these papers states the claims that the Plaintiff is making against you in this lawsuit. 4. To respond to this Summons, or to be informed of further proceedings, you or your attorney must file a form called an "Appearance" with the Clerk of the abovenamed Court at the above Court address on or before the second day after the above Return Date. The Return Date is the date your case is officially in court. It is Date not a date you have to come to court unless another notice says that you have to be in court that day. 5. If you or your attorney do not file a written "Appearance" form on time, the Court may enter judgment against you for the relief requested in the Complaint, which may result in temporary or permanent orders without further notice. 6. The "Appearance" form may be obtained at the Court address above or at under "Forms." 7. If you have questions about the Summons, Complaint, or Notice of Automatic Court Orders (JD-FM-158), you should talk to an attorney quickly. The Clerk of Court is not allowed to give advice on legal questions. Comm. of Superior Court Name of person signing at left Assistant Clerk Juris number (If attorney or law firm) Signed (Comm. of Superior Court or Ass't Clerk sign and "X" proper box) Name of attorney, law firm or self-represented party For The Plaintiff Please enter the appearance of: Mailing address (Number, street, town, zip code) Telephone number (Area code first) Signed (Plaintiff, if self-represented party or attorney for plaintiff) If this summons is signed by a clerk: a. The signing has been done so that the Plaintiff will not be denied access to the courts. b. It is the responsibility of the Plaintiff to see that service is made in the manner provided by law. c. The clerk is not permitted to give any legal advice in connection with any lawsuit. d. The clerk signing this summons at the request of the Plaintiff is not responsible in any way for any errors or omissions in the Summons, any allegations contained in the Complaint, or the service of the Summons or Complaint. I certify I have read and understand the above. Signed (Plaintiff, if self-represented party) Date signed FOR COURT USE File date The Judicial Branch complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you need a reasonable accommodation in accordance with the ADA, contact the clerk's office indicated above. Docket number SUMMONS, Family Actions American LegalNet, Inc.
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