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Records Required For Audit Series 11 And Series 12 LIC1013 - Arizona

Records Required For Audit Series 11 And Series 12 Form. This is a Arizona form and can be used in Liquor Licenses And Control Statewide .
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State of Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control 800 W. Washington, 5th Floor Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2934 (602)542-5141 RECORDS REQUIRED FOR AUDIT Applies to Series 11 (Hotel/Motel W/Restaurant) & Series 12 (Restaurant) Only MAKE A COPY OF THIS DOCUMENT AND KEEP IT WITH RECORDS REQUIRED BY THE STATE In the event that your business is audited by the Department of Liquor, you will be asked to provide documentation of compliance with A.R.S. §4-205.02(H). Other documents that may be required for audit include and are not limited to: 1. All invoices and receipts for the purchase of food and spirituous liquor for the licensed premises. 2. A list of all food and liquor vendors. 3. The restaurant menu reflecting prices during the audit period. 4. A price list for alcoholic beverages on menu during the audit period. 5. Mark-up figures on food and alcoholic products during the audit period. 6. A recent, accurate inventory of food and liquor (taken within two weeks of the Audit Interview Appointment) 7. Monthly Inventory Figures - beginning and ending figures for food and liquor. 8. Chart of accounts (copy). 9. Financial Statements (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, etc). 10. General Ledger A. Sales Journals/Monthly Sales Schedules 1) Daily Sales Reports (to include the name of wait staff, bartender, etc. with sales for that day) 2) Daily Cash Register Tapes - Journal Tapes and Z-tapes 3) Dated Guest Checks 4) Coupons/Specials/Discounts 5) Any other evidence to support income from food and liquor sales B. Cash Receipts/Disbursement Journals 1) Daily Bank Deposit Slips 2) Bank Statements and canceled checks 11. Tax Records A. Transaction Privilege Sales, Use and Severance Tax Return (copies) B. Income Tax Return - city, state and federal (copies) C. Any supporting books, records, schedules or documents used in preparation of tax returns 12. Payroll Records A. Copies of all reports required by the State and Federal Government B. Employee Log (A.R.S. §4-119) C. Employee time cards (actual document used to sign-in and ­out each work day) D. Payroll records for all employees showing hours worked each week and hourly wages 13. Off-Site Catering records (must be complete and separate from restaurant records) A. All documents which support the income derived from the sale of food to be consumed off of the licensed premises B. All documents which support purchases made for food to be consumed off of the licensed premises C. All coupons/specials/discounts 2/26/2013 American LegalNet, Inc. The sophistication of record keeping varies from establishment-to-establishment. Regardless of each licensee's accounting methods, the amount of gross revenue derived from the sale of food and liquor must be substantially documented. REVOCATION OF YOUR LIQUOR LICENSE MAY OCCUR IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLY WITH A.R.S. §4210(A)(7) AND A.R.S. §4-205.02(H) A.R.S. §4-210(A)(7) The Licensee fails to keep for two years and make available to the department upon reasonable request all invoices, records, bills or other papers and documents relating to the purchase, sale and delivery of spirituous liquors and, in the case of a restaurant or hotel-motel licensee, all invoices, records, bills or other papers and documents relating to the purchase, sale and delivery of food. A.R.S. §4-205.02 (H) 1. "Gross Revenue" means the revenue derived from all sales of food and spirituous liquor on the licensed premises, regardless of whether the sales of spirituous liquor are made under a restaurant license issued pursuant to this section or under any other license that has been issued for the premises pursuant to this article. 2. "Restaurant" means an establishment which derives at least forty per cent of its gross revenue from the sale of food, including sales of food for consumption off the licensed premises if the amount of these sales included in the calculation of gross revenue from the sale of food does not exceed fifteen percent of all gross revenue of the restaurant. I, _____________________________________________________________ have read and fully Print Full Name (first, middle, last) understand all aspects of this statement. ______________________________________________ Signature of Licensee Notary State of _____________ County of ____________________ State County The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _____ day of ______________________, _____________ Day Month Year My Commission Expires on: ________________________ Day Month Year _______________________________________________ Signature of Notary MAKE A COPY OF THE DOCUMENT AND KEEP IT WITH RECORDS REQUIRED BY THE STATE American LegalNet, Inc.
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