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Forms WorkFlow Ribbon Add-in Version 4.0

Forms WorkFlow Toolbar

Forms WorkFlow Ribbon Add-in Version 4.0

for use in Microsoft® Office Word 2007

The Forms WorkFlow Ribbon Add-in retains all of the functionality of the Forms WorkFlow toolbar, and has been improved to make working with Forms easier, faster, and more efficient. The improvements include:

  • AccessTM Database Connection: Yields faster loading of Profiles and information, as well as the ability to create a custom connection to SQL Database.
  • Link: Expedite your searches, form requests and tutorials by clicking straight to
  • Improved Profile Manager: Includes ability to easily add categories to an existing profile and set default values for key information (e.g. Firm name, Lawyer)
  • CACI Jury Instructions (applicable only to California). Includes ability to select and organize multiple CACI Jury Instructions.

Forms WorkFlow Ribbon Add-in Version 4.0

Forms WorkFlow Ribbon
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista®, XP®
Requirements: Microsoft® Office Word 2007,
Administrative Rights
Version: 4.2.12
Release Date: May 10th, 2011
File Name: CaseProfile2007.exe
File Size: 7.41 MB
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Forms WorkFlow Toolbar, Version 3.10

for use in Microsoft Word® 2000 through 2003

The Forms WorkFlow Toolbar version 3.10 provides a way to search for forms, download them, and fill them out, all from within Microsoft® Word. All Forms WorkFlow functions can be managed through the Forms WorkFlow Toolbar, which integrates with your other Word toolbars.

In addition to searching for forms content from the toolbar, users can create re-useable profiles for both clients and case matters containing Attorney, Court, and Case information. These Profiles can be saved and used to automatically fill out certain content of the forms. It is recommended that you create Profiles first before downloading or opening forms. However, they can also be created from a completed form.

Forms WorkFlow Toolbar

Forms WorkFlow Toolbar
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista®, XP®
Requirements: Microsoft® Office Word 2000, 2003,
Administrative Rights
Version: 3.10.3
Release Date: May 12, 2010
File Name: Case_Profile.exe
File Size: 6.78 MB
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