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Notice Of Hearing Of Motion Family Law Calendar | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Washington

Notice Of Hearing Of Motion Family Law Calendar

This is a Washington form that can be used for Family Law within Local County, Spokane, Superior Court.

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SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY OF SPOKANE Petitioner: (Clerk's Date Stamp) CASE NO. _____________________ NOTICE OF HEARING OF MOTION FAMILY LAW CALENDAR LR 94.04 AND LR 40 (NTHG) COURT DATE:__________________ and Respondent: Clerk's Action Required Code: F1 TO: Petitioner Respondent and your Attorney__________________ YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the motion/petition of Petitioner Respondent, a copy of which is attached along with supporting affidavits/declarations and/or memorandum of authorities, will be heard before the Court Commissioner assigned to hear the Family Law Calendar on: *Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/ Friday (circle one) ___________________________, 20_____ in Courtroom 202 (Date) YOU MUST APPEAR TO RESPOND AT CALENDAR CALL AT 8:30 A.M. Spokane County Courthouse 1116. W. Broadway Spokane, WA 99260-0350 * It is the moving party's responsibility to assure the motion is set on the assigned Commissioner's motion day. NOTICE OF HEARING OF MOTION-FAMILY LAW CALENDAR PAGE 1 OF 2 DR-01.0430 7/2016 LR 94.04 (a)(3); LR 40 (a)(2) & (b)(7), (11), & (12) American LegalNet, Inc. If the non-moving party does not appear, this motion will be granted. The Court will schedule hearing times and assignments will be posted after Calendar Call. If you do not agree with the motion/petition, you must respond in writing, in the form of a affidavit or declaration, and file the original with the Clerk of Court and serve a copy on the moving/petitioning party or their attorney at least four days before the hearing date. The moving/petitioning party may reply to your response by filing the original with the Clerk of Court and serving you a copy at least one day before the hearing. If the motion/petition is asking for financial relief (temporary child support, spousal maintenance or attorneys fees), you must submit a Financial Declaration (form WPF DR 01.0550). The hearing will be based on the affidavits/declarations submitted and each side will be allowed ten minutes of argument, with oral testimony only when permitted by prior court order. You are further notified that if the motion has raised issues of law for the Court to consider, you must complete the "Authorities" section below. _________________________________________ Signature of Attorney/Moving Party Notice to moving party: You may list an address that is not your residential address where you agree to accept legal documents. Bar No.: _________________________________ Attorney for: ______________________________ _________________________________________ (address) _________________________________________ (Cite those authorities, which form primary basis for your legal position. Where case authority is cited, provide reference to specific page of opinion, which is controlling. Likewise reference applicable sections of subsection of statutes or court rules. This does not substitute for a Memorandum of Authorities.) Applicable Court Rule: ________________________________________________________________________ Applicable Statute: ________________________________________________________________________ Applicable Case Law: ________________________________________________________________________ NOTICE OF HEARING OF MOTION-FAMILY LAW CALENDAR LR 94.04 (a)(3); LR 40 (a)(2) & (b)(7), (11), & (12) PAGE 2 OF 2 DR-01.0430 7/2016 American LegalNet, Inc.

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