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Notice Of Arbitration Award {UCS 137-9} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | New York

Notice Of Arbitration Award {UCS 137-9}

This is a New York form that can be used for Attorney Client Fee Dispute Resolution within Statewide, Attorneys.

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UCS 137-9 (10/2014) In the Matter of Fee Dispute Arbitration between , Client and , Attorney .................................................................... (Office Use Only) Case Number: _____________________ NOTICE OF ARBITRATION AWARD Attached is the determination of the arbitrator(s) who heard the fee dispute between the above parties. This determination is final and binding on the parties, except that a party dissatisfied with this award may seek one of the following post award options within the time frames indicated: 1. Trial de novo: Either party may reject the decision of the arbitrator(s) and commence an action on the merits of the fee dispute in a court of competent jurisdiction within 30 days after the arbitration award has been mailed; NOTE: Trial de novo is not available to parties who have previously waived this right. See 22 NYCRR 137.2(c), 137.8(b) and Standards and Guidelines Section 6(B)(2) and Section 12(C). OR 2. Vacatur: Either party may seek to vacate the award within 90 days after delivery to the party. This post award option is governed by CPLR 7511. Please note: In most instances, the party against whom the award has been rendered will pay as the arbitration award becomes binding on the parties if de novo review is not sought. However, if payment does not occur, the arbitration award must be confirmed and entered as a judgment of the court to be enforceable. You have one year after the date of delivery of the award to confirm the award by commencing a proceeding in the appropriate court. Confirmation of arbitration awards is governed by CPLR 7510. For more information on these options, please see or contact your local program or an attorney. The local program may not give legal advice. Dated: _________, 20__ American LegalNet, Inc.

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