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Annual Report (Intrastate) {6} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | New York

Annual Report (Intrastate) {6}

This is a New York form that can be used for Intrastate Offerings within Statewide, Real Estate, Financing.

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INTRASTATE 6NY # ANNUAL REPORT (INTRASTATE) TO BE SUBMITTED PURSUANT TO SECTION 80.15 OF THE INTRASTATE FINANCING ACT REGULATIONS WITHIN FOUR (4) AFTER THE CLOSE OF THE FISCAL YEAR. 1.Name of Issuer: 2.Address:3.Period covered by report: From to 4.Is there attached, as required, a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss Statement?Yes [ ] No [ ]Does such statement include an express opinion as to fairness of presentation and consistency of the data, by an independent public accountant? Yes [ ] No [ ] If not, has an exemption been obtained under Regulation 80.15(d)? Yes [ ] No [ ] by letter dated. 5.Is there attached, as required, a narrative report setting forth the material events of the period coveredby the report? Yes [ ] No [ ]6.Is there attached, a statement setting forth in detail the use of all proceeds obtained as a result of anyoffering or issue of securities or from any refinancing, or indicating that no such funds were obtained?Yes [ ] No [ ] N o such funds obtained during period. [ ][If any such funds were obtained, show accounting details including amount credited to capital accounts, surplus, long-term debt, notes payable, etc. on a separate sheet, attached.] 7A. Is there attached, as required, a statement setting forth the names and addresses of, and the compensation and other transactions with, all officers and directors or general partners or principals, of the issuer? Yes [ ] No [ ] B.During the period covered by this report, did any principal, partner, officer of director sell orotherwise dispose of or hypothecate any of the issuer's securities or were any loans or advances made by the issuer to such persons? Yes [ ] No [ ] 8.Has the issuer submitted, as required, to all owners of the issuer's securities, an annual reportcontainin g the item stated under 4, 5, 6 and 7? Yes [ ] No [ ] American LegalNet, Inc. 9.During the period covered by this report, was any injunction, cease an desist order, or revocationoflicense or registration, obtained, or were any such actions or proceedings instituted, or were criminal p roceedings of any nature instituted or convictions obtained against the issuer or any principal thereof?Yes [ ] No [ ]10.If there is any additional information which is material, such as any change in the issuer'smanagement, ownership, financial structure, business, or its main operating location(s), or affirmativeanswers to questions 6, 7B or 9, state details on a separate sheet. Is such sheet attached? Yes [ ] No [ ]Date: By: Signature (title) Printed Name & Title: Telephone Number (include Area Code): REAL ESTATE FINANC BUREAU NEW YORK, NY 10 American LegalNet, Inc.

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