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Proof Of Mailing {DV 9.040} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Washington

Proof Of Mailing {DV 9.040}

This is a Washington form that can be used for Domestic Violence within Statewide.

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COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR NO. Petitioner Respondent vs. . DOB DOB PROOF OF MAILING (AFML) I certify under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington that I am 18 years of age or older and I am not the Petitioner or the Respondent, and that on (date) I deposited two copies of the following documents: Petition for Order for Protection Temporary Order for Protection and Notice of Hearing Order Transferring Domestic Violence Case and Setting Hearing Order for Protection Reissuance of Temporary Order for Protection Order Realigning Parties and Notice of Hearing Notice of Hearing Motion to Modify/Terminate Order for Protection Order Modifying/Terminating Order for Protection Other: in the U.S. mail, postage prepaid, one first class and one certified (return receipt requested), addressed to the Respondent Petitioner at the last known mailing address of: . Signed on (Date) at (Place) , Washington. Address Signature Print Name SERVER: 1) Complete and return this form to this court: and 2) deliver a copy to the law enforcement agency where petitioner lives. PROOF OF MAILING (AFML) ­ Page 1 of 1 WPF DV-9.040 (6/2002) - RCW 26.50.050, .123 American LegalNet, Inc.

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