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Bond {DC-CV 39} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Maryland

Last updated: 4/13/2015

Bond {DC-CV 39}

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DISTRICT COURT OF MARYLAND FOR City/County Located at Court Address Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor Case No. Defendant/Judgment Debtor vs. Address City, State, Zip Address City, State, Zip BOND We, the undersigned, State of are hereby bound under the terms of the Type of bond , all of County/Counties , as hereinafter referred to, filed on behalf of hereinafter referred to as "Principal," in the face amount of $ We, the undersigned, jointly and severally acknowledge that we are bound unto the State of Maryland in the penalty sum of Dollars ($ Defendant deposited Surety has, as collateral security: in cash by certified check the full amount of $ ) to secure payment of which the pledged the following intangible personal property encumbered the real estate described in the Declaration of Trust filed herewith. The circumstance under which this Bond is issued is as follows: Rule 4-348 Appeal Bond. The Defendant shall prosecute the appellate review according to law, and upon termination of the appeal, surrender to serve any sentence required to be served or appear for further proceedings as directed. Rule 8-422 Supersedeas Bond. For the satisfaction in full of the judgment from which the appeal is taken, together with costs, interest, and damages for delay, if for any reason the appeal is dismissed or if the judgment is affirmed, or any modified judgment and costs, interest, and damages entered or awarded on appeal. Rule 3-115(c) Attachment Before Judgment. For satisfaction of all costs and damages that may be awarded the defendant or a claimant of the property by reason of the attachment. Rule 3-115(h) Attachment Before Judgment. For release of attached property conditioned upon satisfaction of any judgment that may be recovered. Rule 3-641(c) Writ of Execution. For security approved by Sheriff for the payment of any expenses that may be incurred by Sheriff in complying with the Writ. Rule 3-643(b) Writ of Execution. For release of property from a levy in an amount sufficient to satisfy the judgment and enforcement costs. Rule 15-503 and 12-601 Injunction and Replevin. Conditioned to answer to the adverse party for any damages which may be sustained by reason of the issuance of injunction. If Writ subsequently issues, this Bond continues as a replevin bond for the use of any person having an interest in the property sought under the Writ. It is conditioned for the successful prosecution of the action and for the return of the property replevied and for the fulfillment of the judgment of the Court. Real Property Article Section 8-310. Surety's liability is to tenant or any other interested person for expenses, including cost of transportation, cost of suit, injuries and damages caused by the bringing of the action of distress or the seizure of the goods levied upon if either be wrongful. Real Property Article Section 8-316. Surety's liability is to the State of Maryland to indemnify injured persons against all claims for damage or injury resulting from the release of the goods distrained upon. The goods are those described in the petition filed in this case for the return of goods. Where this Bond is issued pursuant to a statue or rule of Court, Surety, his/its heirs, personal representative, successors and assigns, is jointly and severally liable to all parties for whose interest or protection the bond is required whether or not named, including their heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, to the full extent of liability provided in such statue or rule as of the date the Bond is executed, however, not to exceed in any event the face amount of the Bond. Liability of Surety shall continue until the liability of Principal has been discharged or satisfied. American LegalNet, Inc. DC-CV-039 (Rev. 09/2014) IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hands and seals, this Year day of Month , Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of: (SEAL) (SEAL) BOND APPROVED: (SEAL) (SEAL) Clerk/Judge Power of Attorney and certification thereof, if corporate surety, executed by attorney-in-fact. STATE OF MARYLAND, The corporation of the State of , SCT: ,a , does hereby constitute and appoint , it's attorney-in-fact to make, execute and deliver on its behalf, as surety, all bonds of any kind, character and description that are or may be required to be filed in the District Court of Maryland for State of Maryland, and it does hereby declare that all such bonds signed and executed by its said attorney-in-fact shall be as binding on it as if they had been duly executed by its proper officers. This power shall remain in full force and effect until duly revoked and written notice thereof given. WITNESS the seal of the said affixed by its . Year duly and attested this day of Month , ATTEST: BY: Assistant Secretary Vice-President I HEREBY CERTIFY that the above is a correct and true copy of the original power of attorney. Date Assistant Secretary (Note: To be signed by principal and corporate or individual surety.) American LegalNet, Inc.

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