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Child Support Locate Request {UIFSA-7} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | New York

Child Support Locate Request {UIFSA-7}

This is a New York form that can be used for Uniform Interstate Family Support Act within Statewide, Family Court.

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CHILD SUPPORT LOCATE REQUEST 226 Use CSENet if an agreement is in p lace File Stamp THIS FORM CONTAINS SENSITIVE INFORMATION 226 DO NOT FILE THIS FORM IN A PUBLIC ACCESS FILE The information on this form may be disclosed as authorized by law. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, disclosure, distribution, or copying of this form or its contents is strictly prohibited. (Central Registry or Agency Name and Address) From: (Agency Name and Address) Requesting Locat or Code : State Requesting IV - D Case Identifier : N OTE : [ ] This f orm s ent through EDE [ ] T his request or information sent through CSENet S ection I . L ocate : You may only seek to locate an individual with respect to a child to whom the jurisdiction provides services under the IV - D child support plan. [ ] Parent who owes or may owe support [ ] Parent who is owed support [ ] Caretaker who is owed support Legal name (first, middle, last, suffix) : [ ] Possibly Dangerous SSN: Alias: Date of birth (or approximate year): Maiden name: S ection II. O ther P ertinent I nformation : S ection III. A ttachments : S ection IV. C ontact I nformation : ( ) Date Initiating contact p erson (first, middle, last , suffix ) Direct t elep hone number and e xtension Fax: ( ) E - mail : Encryption Requirements: When communicating this form through electronic transmission, precautions must be taken to ensure the security of the data. Child support agencies are encouraged to use the electronic applications provided by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. Other electronic means, such as encrypted attachments to e-mails, may be used if the encryption method is compliant with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 (FIPS PUB 140-2). Child Support Locate Request OMB 0970 226 0085 Expiration Date: / Page 1 of 1 American LegalNet, Inc. INSTRUCTIONS FOR CHILD SUPPORT LOCATE REQUEST PURPOSE OF THE FORM: The Child Support Locate Request is used by a child support agency to request locate information on either parent from another child support agency when it cannot use CSENet or there was not a response from a previously sent CSENet transaction. If the locate request is to a foreign reciprocating country (FRC), see the appropriate Caseworker Guide on the OCSE website. You may need to include additional information in section II or use another form. OCSE will issue forms for locate requests to a country that is a party to the 2007 Hague Maintenance Convention with respect to the United States (foreign treaty country). USE CSENET IF AN AGREEMENT IS IN PLACE. Locate Only Request. The Locate Request is useful to request 223locate only224 services if a state believes that a parent002 may be in another state and the two states do not have a quick locate CSENet agreement. Send the request directly to 002the other state222s Parent Locator Service or Central Registry. This is a request and not a response.002 THIS FORM CONTAINS SENSITIVE INFORMATION 226 DO NOT FILE THIS FORM IN A PUBLIC ACCESS002 FILE.002 In order to minimize the risk of harm to an individual from inappropriate disclosure of personal information, this form should002 not be filed or included in a record available to the general public.002 If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, disclosure, distribution, or copying of this form or002 its contents is strictly prohibited.002 Italicized text that appears within a 223box224 refers to policy or provides additional information. For a n address outside the United States , be sure to include the foreign country and postal code . Tribal IV - D programs may choose to use the federal Intergovernmental forms. However, they are not required to use or accept such forms. If you have any questions, contact the tribal IV-D agency directly using the contact information on the OCSE website. Where forms request a locator code, note that tribal locator codes uniquely identify tribal cases with 2239224 in the first position, 0 (zero) in the second position, and then a 3-character tribal code defined by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). HEADING/CAPTION: 225003 In the space marked 223To:224, list the name and address (street, PO Box, city, state, and zip code) of the agency to which you are sending the Locate Request. 225003 In the space marked 223From:224, list your agency name and address (street, PO Box, city, state, and zip code). 225003 In the appropriate spaces, enter the requesting jurisdiction222s locator code, state, and IV-D case identifier. The requesting jurisdiction is the jurisdiction that referred the case to the assisting jurisdiction for services. Under 223Requesting IV-D Case Identifier224, enter the number/identifier identical to the one submitted on the Federal Case Registry, which is a left-justified up to 15-character alphanumeric field, allowing all characters except asterisk and backslash, and with all characters in uppercase. Locate Data Sheet Instructions003 Page 1 of 3 American LegalNet, Inc. In the 223NOTE:224 section, check any of the following that apply: 225003 This form sent through EDE 226 Check if this form was sent through the Electronic Document Exchange (EDE). 225 This request or information sent through CSENet 226 Check if this request or information was sent through CSENet. The following options are available for making IV - D requests and sending information on IV - D cases: 1.003 CSENet transactions are the recommended method for making requests or sending information to another state. If CSENet is not listed as an option on the form, then it cannot be used to convey any of the requests for information or IV-D requests provided on the form. Supporting documentation should be sent through EDE, whenever possible. If certified copies are needed, hard copies should also be sent by mail. Mail or fax may also be used for all documents when EDE is not available. 2.003 If CSENet transactions are not available in your state, EDE is the next preferred method for transmitting your request or information. Both your state and the receiving state must be using the EDE application to use this communication method. 3.003 If the EDE application is not available in your state or the receiving state, then mail or fax must be used to communicate your request.Section I. Locate: 225003 This form may be used to locate a person with respect to a child for whom the services are being provided under the state IV-D child support plan. 225003 Check the appropriate box to indicate whether the locate request pertains to the 223Parent who owes or may owe support,224 223Parent who is owed support,224 or 223Caretaker who is owed support224. 225003 Enter the full legal name (first, middle, last, suffix) of the person whose location is requested. Check the box for 223Possibly Dangerous224 if the person being located is believed to be dangerous. 225003 Provide the Social Security Number, if known, for the person whose location is requested. This information is vital to obtain locate information in the United States. 225003 Enter the 223Alias224 of the person whose location is requested, if applicable and known. An alias may include a person222s former married name. 225003 Enter the 223Maiden Name224 of the person whose location is requested, if applicable and known. 225003 Enter the 223Date of Birth224 of the person whose location is requested or approximate year of birth, if the exact date is unknown. Section II. Other Pertinent Information: In this section, provide additional information that may be useful in locating the individual. If the request is to a IV-D agency and you have included the person222s Social Security Number (SSN), it is unlikely that you need to add additional pertinent information. If the request is to another country, include sufficient pertinent information to identify the person, as an SSN is not used outside of the United States. You may find what is required in the appropriate Caseworker Guide for a Foreign Reciprocating Country or by checking the country profile on The Hague Conference website. General identifying information may

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