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Docketing Statement - Criminal | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Nevada

Last updated: 11/8/2010

Docketing Statement - Criminal

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IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA INDICATE FULL CAPTION: No. DOCKETING STATEMENT CRIMINAL APPEALS (Including appeals from pretrial and postconviction rulings and other requests for postconviction relief) GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Judicial District _____________________ County________________________________ Judge ______________________________ District Ct Case No. ____________________ 2. If the defendant was given a sentence, (a) what is the sentence? (b) has the sentence been stayed pending appeal? (c) was defendant admitted to bail pending appeal? 3. Was counsel in the district court appointed _____ or retained _____? 4. Attorney filing this docketing statement: Attorney ___________________________________________ Telephone ____________________ Firm: __________________________________________________________________________ Address: Client(s) ________________________________________________________________________ 5. Is appellate counsel appointed _____ or retained _____? American LegalNet, Inc. If this is a joint statement by multiple appellants, add the names and addresses of other counsel on an additional sheet accompanied by a certification that they concur in the filing of this statement. 6. Attorney(s) representing respondent(s): Attorney ___________________________________________ Telephone ____________________ Firm: __________________________________________________________________________ Address: Client(s) ________________________________________________________________________ Attorney ___________________________________________ Telephone ____________________ Firm: __________________________________________________________________________ Address: Client(s) ________________________________________________________________________ (List additional counsel on separate sheet if necessary) 7. Nature of disposition below: Judgment after bench trial Judgment after jury verdict Judgment upon guilty plea Grant of pretrial motion to dismiss Parole/Probation revocation Motion for new trial grant denial Motion to withdraw guilty plea grant denial Grant of pretrial habeas Grant of motion to suppress evidence Post-conviction habeas (NRS ch. 34) grant denial Other disposition (specify) American LegalNet, Inc. 8. Does this appeal raise issues concerning any of the following: death sentence life sentence juvenile offender pretrial proceedings 9. Expedited appeals: The court may decide to expedite the appellate process in this matter. Are you in favor of proceeding in such manner? Yes _____ No _____ 10. Pending and prior proceedings in this court. List the case name and docket number of all appeals or original proceedings presently or previously pending before this court which are related to this appeal (e.g, separate appeals by co-defendants, appeal after post-conviction proceedings): 11. Pending and prior proceedings in other courts. List the case name, number and court of all pending and prior proceedings in other courts that are related to this appeal (e.g., habeas corpus proceedings in state or federal court, bifurcated proceedings against codefendants): 12. Nature of action. Briefly describe the nature of the action and the result below: American LegalNet, Inc. 13. Issues on appeal. State concisely the principal issue(s) in this appeal: 14. Constitutional issues. If the State is not a party and if this appeal challenges the constitutionality of a statute or municipal ordinance, have you notified the clerk of this court and the attorney general in accordance with NRAP 44 and NRS 30.130? N/A _____ Yes _____ No _____ If not, explain 15. Issues of first-impression or of public interest. Does this appeal present a substantial legal issue of first-impression in this jurisdiction or one affecting an important public interest? First-impression: Yes _____ No _____ Public interest: Yes _____ No _____ American LegalNet, Inc. 16. Length of trial. If this action proceeded to trial or evidentiary hearing in the district court, how many days did the trial or evidentiary hearing last? _____ days 17. Oral argument. Would you object to submission of this appeal for disposition without oral argument? Yes _____ No _____ TIMELINESS OF NOTICE OF APPEAL 18. Date district court announced decision, sentence or order appealed from _________ 19. Date of entry of written judgment or order appeal from ________________________ (a) If no written judgment or order was filed in the district court, explain the basis for seeking appellate review: 20. If this appeal is from an order granting or denying a petition for a writ of habeas corpus, indicate the date written notice of entry of judgment or order was served by the district court (a) Was service by delivery _____ or by mail _____. 21. If the time for filing the notice of appeal was tolled by a post judgment motion, (a) Specify the type of motion, and the date of filing of the motion: Arrest judgment ___________________ New trial __________________________ (newly discovered evidence) New trial __________________________ (other grounds) Date filed __________________________ Date filed __________________________ Date filed _________________________ (b) Date of entry of written order resolving motion _____________________________ American LegalNet, Inc. 22. Date notice of appeal filed ___________________________________________________ 23. Specify statute or rule governing the time limit for filing the notice of appeal, e.g., NRAP 4(b), NRS 34.560, NRS 34.575, NRS 177.015(2), or other SUBSTANTIVE APPEALABILITY 24. Specify statute, rule or other authority that grants this court jurisdiction to review from: NRS 177.015(1)(b) ________________ NRS 177.015(1)(c) ________________ NRS 177.015(2) __________________ NRS 177.015(3) __________________ NRS 177.055 _____________________ NRS 34.560 _________________________ NRS 34.575(1) _______________________ NRS 34.575(2) _______________________ Other (specify) _______________________ VERIFICATION I certify that the information provided in this docketing statement is true and complete to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. _____________________________________ Name of appellant _____________________________________ Date _____________________________________ Name of counsel of record _____________________________________ Signature of counsel of record CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that

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