Application For A Nevada Gaming License Or Approval By Corp Company {2} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Nevada

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Application For A Nevada Gaming License Or Approval By Corp Company {2} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Nevada

Last updated: 10/24/2023

Application For A Nevada Gaming License Or Approval By Corp Company {2}

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Form 2 - APPLICATION FOR A NEVADA GAMING LICENSE APPROVAL BY CORPORATION/PARTNERSHIP/LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. This form is an application for a gaming license in the state of Nevada. The applicant provides detailed information about the entity, including its name, physical and mailing addresses, contact person, and proposed date of opening. The form requires information about the entity's incorporation, certified copies of relevant documents, lists of stockholders/partners/members, details about officers, directors, and key employees, securities information, outstanding loans, remuneration details, and more. The form also outlines the fees associated with the application process. The applicant agrees, if required: a. To maintain an office on the licensed gaming premises. b. To maintain a ledger in the principal office of the business in Nevada, which shall: i. At all times reflect the ownership of every class of security issued by the corporation, partnership, or limited liability company; and ii. Be available for inspection by the Licensing Agency and their authorized agents at all reasonable times without notice. c. To provide any further financial data or other information which may be deemed necessary or appropriate. d. To submit herewith balance sheets and profit and loss statements, certified by independent certified public accounts, certified or registered in the State of Nevada, for not more than the 3 preceding fiscal years, or, if the entity has not been in existence more than 3 years, such balance sheets and profit and loss statements from the time of its establishment. e. To provide to the Licensing Agency an annual profit and loss statement and balance sheet, and a copy of its annual federal income tax return within 30 days after such return is filed with the Federal Government. f. To provide to the Licensing Agency, at least annually, a complete list of all stockholders, partners, or members after this registration is approved, and in all cases within 30 days after the annual meeting of stockholders of the corporation showing the number of shares held by each. g. That every security issued by it shall bear a statement, on both sides of the certificate, as is required by NRS 463 and the Regulations of the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission. h. To report to the Licensing Agency any change in corporation personnel who have been designated by the Licensing Agency as key executives. i. To terminate the employment of any person employed by it found unsuitable to hold a gaming license in the State of Nevada. j. To disallow the sale, assignment or transfer, pledge, or other disposition of any new issue of security, unless registered in advance with the Licensing Agency. A duly executed Certificate of Resolution of the Board of Directors of the corporation to this effect shall be filed herewith. k. To assist the Licensing Agency in requiring the individual owner of any security who has been found unsuitable to continue as a gaming licensee in this State, to offer the stock for sale to the issuing entity, and that such entity will purchase the stock if it is able to do so; and in the vent the stock is retained by the unsuitable owner, the entity will not pay any dividend or interest on such security, allow it to be voted, or pay to the owner any remuneration in any form. l. Officers and other key employees of the applicant when requested shall execute an application and file same with the Licensing Agency in accordance with their request. m. NRS 463.150(f) requires any applicant to pay all or any part of the fees or costs of investigation of such applicant as may be determined by the Licensing Agency.

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