Citation To Discover Assets To Debtor And Income And Property Statement {SC-C 1803.2} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Illinois

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Citation To Discover Assets To Debtor And Income And Property Statement {SC-C 1803.2} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Illinois

Last updated: 4/12/2023

Citation To Discover Assets To Debtor And Income And Property Statement {SC-C 1803.2}

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This form is approved by the Illinois Supreme Court and is required to be accepted in all Illinois Circuit Courts. SC - C 1803.1 Page 1 of ( 03 / 18 ) STATE OF ILLINOIS , CITATION TO DISCOVER ASSETS TO DEBTOR For Court Use Only CIRCUIT COURT COUNTY Instructions Directly above, enter the name of the county where the case was filed. Plaintiff ( First, middle, last name ) Enter the name of the plaintiff. v. Enter the name of the defendant. Defendant ( First, middle, last name ) Case Number Enter the case number. In 1, if the debtor is a person, enter the address where the debtor can be served. If the debtor is a business, enter the name of the registered agent, and the address for service. The registered agent can be found on the Illinois Secretary of State222s website. 1. N ame and address of debtor: Debtor's name Street , Apt # City State ZIP In 2, enter courtroom number, date and time of the court date, and address of the courthouse. 2. Y ou must come to court room on Number a.m. p.m. Date Time The address of the court is : Street City State ZIP Notice to Debtor If you do not come to the court date listed above in section 2, the judge may issue a rule to show case which will require you to come to court. On the rule to show cause court date, you will have to explain why you did not come to court on the citation court date, and why you should not be found in contempt of court. If you do not come to the rule to show cause court date, the judge may find you in contempt, and you may be arrested and jailed. 3 . At your C itation hearing, you will be asked about your property and income. You will be sworn to tell the truth. In 4a, enter the date of the judgment. If the judgment has been revived (renewed), enter that date. 4 . Information about what you owe: a. A judgment was entered or renewed against you on . Date In 4b, enter the amount of the judgment. b. The amount of the judgment is $ . American LegalNet, Inc. Enter the Case Number given by the Circuit Clerk: SC - C 1803.1 Page 2 of ( 03 / 18 ) In 4c, enter how much money is still owed to you. You can include the judgment amount, your court costs (like filing fees, service fees, sheriff's fee, etc.), and post judgment interest of 9% per year. Subtract any payments made by the debtor. c. The current amount that remains to be paid , including the creditor's court costs and post j udgment i nterest , minus any payments you have made, is $ plus court costs of this proceeding. 5 . You are o rdered to bring these d ocuments at the court date : Federal and state income taxes for the last 2 years; Recent pay stubs or proof of income; Bank records; In 5, enter any other document that the debtor should bring to court showing their income, property, or belongings. Title to motor vehicle s; Deed to any property you own; AND Insurance policies. Other: 6 . A t the court date , you have the right to claim certain protections (exemptions ). If you claim an exemption, the income or property covered by that exemption cannot be taken to pay the judgment. Here are some exemptions you may be able to claim: 1. Money or belongings u p to $4,000 ("wildcard exemption") ; 2. Social Security and Supplemental Security Income ( SSI ) benefits; 3. Public assistance benefits; 4. Child support; 5 . Unemployment compensation benefits; 6 . Workers222 compensation benefits; 7 . Veterans222 benefits; 8 . Circuit breaker property tax relief benefits; Equity interest is the money you would get if you sold your property and paid off any outstanding loans. 9 . Your equity interest, up to $2,400, in any one motor vehicle; 10 . Your equity interest, up to $1,500, in any professional books, or tools of your trade; 11. Pension and retirement benefits and refunds; AND 1 2 . Your equity interest, up to $15,000, in the house you live in. 7 . There are specific exemptions for wages. Under Illinois law, the amount of wages that may be taken to pay a judgment is limited to the lower of: 1) 15% of your gross wages, or 2) the amount by which your weekly wages , after deductions for taxes and other allowed d eductions , is greater than 45 times the minimum wage (currently $371.25 for one week; $742.50 for two weeks; $804.37 for semi - monthly wages; and $1608.75 for a month) . Federal law allows the lesser of: 1) 25% of disposable wages; or 2) the amount by which disposable earnings for a week is greater than 30 times the federal minimum wage. Under the Code of Civil Procedure, 735 ILCS 5/1-109 , making a statement on this form that you know to be false is perjury, a Class 3 Felony. I certif y that everything in the Citation t o Discover Assets t o Debtor is true and correct. I understand that making a false statement on this form is perjury and has penalties provided by law under 735 ILCS 5/1 - 109 . /s/ Your Signature Street Address If you are completing this form on a computer, sign your name by typing it. If you are completing it by hand, sign and print your name. Print Your Name City, State, ZIP Telephone American LegalNet, Inc. Enter the Case Number given by the Circuit Clerk: SC - C 1803.1 Page 3 of 6 ( 03 / 18 ) STOP! The Circuit Clerk will fill in this section. Witness this Date: Seal of Court Clerk of the Court: American LegalNet, Inc. Enter the Case Number given by the Circuit Clerk: SC - C 1803.1 Page of ( 03 / 18 ) STATE OF ILLINOIS , INCOME AND PROPERTY STATEMENT (TO BE FILLED OUT BY DEBTOR) For Court Use Only CIRCUIT COURT COUNTY Instructions To creditor: Fill out this section in the same way you did on page 1. Plaintiff (First, middle, last name) v. To debtor: fill out pages 4-6 and sign below. Defendant (First, middle, last name) Case Number Notice to Debtor: 1.Fill out this form and bring it with you to court; AND 2.Bring documents you have to support the information you listed in the form. In 1a, 1b and 1c enter your full name, phone number and current address. 1 . I am providing the following information about myself: a. Name: First Middle Last In 1d, enter your Driver's License Number if you have one. b. Phone Number: c. Home Address: Street Address , Apt. In 1e, enter the last 4 digits your social security number. City State ZIP d. Driver's License Number: e. Social Security Number (last 4 digits) : In 1f, enter your date of birth. f. Date of Birth: g. I am married single divorced In 1g, check your marital status. 2. I am providing the following information about the people who live with me: In 2a and 2b, enter the number of people living in your house who you support. Support means that the people rely on you financially. a. I support adults (not counting myself) who live with me. b. I support children under 18 who live with me. 3. I am employed. No (answer 3a and skip to 4) Yes (skip to 3b and complete the rest ) a . I receive unemployment. Yes No In 3, check yes if you are employed. I receive $ in unemployment payments. b . If yes , I am self - employed I work for someone else In 3a, if you receive unemployment, check the box and enter the amount of unemployment you receive. c. Company's name: d. Company's address: Street Address City State ZIP In 3b, check the box that applies to you. e. Income: $ per month In 3c and 3d enter the company222s name and address. In 3e, enter the gross amount (before taxes) for your income. American LegalNet, Inc. Enter the Case Number given by the Circuit Clerk: SC - C 1803.1 Page ( 03 / 18 ) In 4, check the box for each type of money you have received in the past month. The creditor may not use court proceedings to take any money you get from these sources. 4. I receive 1 or more of the following : Yes ( c heck all that apply) No General Assistance (GA) Social Security Supplemental Security Income ( SSI ) Food Stamps (SNAP) State Children & Family Assistance Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD) Unemployment Pension Other: In 5, check if you own real estate. 5. I own real estate : Yes No a. I own property at: In 5a , list the address of the property you own and check the box if there is a mortgage on the property. Street Address, Apt. City State

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