Foreign LLLP Statement Of Amendment | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Alabama

 Alabama   Secretary Of State   Limited Liability Limited Partnership 
Foreign LLLP Statement Of Amendment | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Alabama

Last updated: 6/1/2023

Foreign LLLP Statement Of Amendment

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STATE OF ALABAMA STATEMENT OF AMENDMENT TO FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 3LP Amendment - 1/2019 Page 1 of 3 PURPOSE: To amend the registration of a foreign partnership within 90 days after the change of facts described in the registration/filing pursuant to Section 10A-1-7.06 of the Code of Alabama 1975. INSTRUCTIONS: Mail 2 completed forms with the appropriate fee to the Office of the Secretary of State at PO Box 5616, Montgomery, AL 36103 (if a return copy is requested send the copy and a preaddressed postage paid return envelope with your Amendment). Include a check, money order, or credit card payment for $25.00 for standard processing or $125.00 for expedited processing (within twenty four (24) hours after the date of receipt). You may email this Amendment to If you are sending this filing via email and paying the standard $25.00 fee and would like an acknowledgement copy please mark the $4.00 copy fee on the credit card payment form. The request is only accepted via mail, courier or email. No fees are charged or deposited until the amendment is filed. The amendment will not be filed if the credit card does not authorize and will be removed from the index if the check is dishonored ($30 fee). All processing instructions are complete in this form and Payment Option Sheet; cover letters are not necessary and will not be reviewed. The information completing this form must be typed or the request will be rejected without review. NOT REQUIRED: Delayed effective date / / MUST be after date of receipt byAlabama Secretary of State222s Office and not more than 90 days after signing of this document. If this is notcompleted the filing will be dated the date received in approvable format.Alabama Entity ID Number (Format: 000-000): -INSTRUCTION TO OBTAIN ID NUMBER TO COMPLETE FORM: If you do not have this numberimmediately available (it is on the face of your original filed registration or your Certificate of Existence ifyoupurchased one), you may obtain it on our website at Business Services (belowpicture),Business Entity Search, Search by entity name. The six (6) digit number containing a dash to the left ofthe name isthe entity ID number. If you click on that number, you can check the details page to make certain thatyou have thecorrect entity 226 this verification step is strongly recommended.Registered Name of Foreign LLLP in Alabama: This will be the partnership222s legal name unless it was necessary to use a fictitious name at registration. (For SOS Office Use Only) American LegalNet, Inc. STATEMENT OF AMENDMENT TO FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 3LP Amendment 226 1/2019 Page 2 of 3 4.Detail any amendment to the registration information provided; (may include, name change, change of principaladdress, change of jurisdiction of formation, or change of purpose/nature of business, general partners) 226 if morespace required you may enter See Attached and attach the details: If the registered agent/registered office address in Alabama has changed, you will need to file a Change of Registered Agent or Registered Office by Entity 226 the signature of the new agent is required on that form. The form may be obtained at under the Business Services tab (below picture), Business Downloads then scroll down to the Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Changes category. 5.If the name is changing a new Name Reservation Certificate must be attached: A copy of the Name Reservation received from the Office of the Alabama Secretary of State is attached. OR The entity requests approval of the name change prior to amendment and has included a separate $25.00 fee for expedited processing. 6.If a fictitious name is used the undersigned certifies the resolution of the LLLP222s governing authority to adopt thefictitious name for use in Alabama and affirming the authority to make such a certification. 10A-1-7.07 7.The undersigned certify that this entity is a valid existing limited liability limited partnership in the state/country offormation. 8.The undersigned signatory authority certifies that the signature(s) meet the requirements of the Code of Alabama1975, 10A-9A-2.03 to include, but not be limited to declarations regarding accuracy and penalty of perjury, and anycopy requirements. American LegalNet, Inc. STATEMENT OF AMENDMENT TO FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 3LP Amendment 226 1/2019 Page 3 of 3 One or more partners may sign. Date Typed Name of Partner Authorized Signature of above Stated Authority Date Typed Name of Partner Authorized Signature of above Stated Authority Date Typed Name of Partner Authorized Signature of above Stated Authority American LegalNet, Inc. Secretary of State Payment Option Sheet: If you do not send an acknowledgement copy and a pre- addressed postage paid envelope with the filling, you will not receive a credit card or prepaid account receipt from the Secretary of State222s Office. If you are expediting and opt for the email return of documents the credit card receipt will be emailed with the document. Hold for pickup request 226 acknowledgement copy will have the receipt attached. The document of record will be stamped showing the receipt of the filing fee and expedite fee but will not show convenience fees which will be charged; (generally these fees are between 2% and 5% of the total charge). Information MUST be typed or laser printed on a computer. Entity Name: Service Requested: $25.00 Amendment filing fee $4.00 Copy Fee (Acknowledgement Copy if submitted by email and Copy desired.) Sent by standard mail. $100.00 Expedited Processing fee (includes email copy) *(Processed with 24 hours after receipt of filing)* Hold at Front Desk for Pick-up for: (Service providers who run couriers for pick-up 226 we do not have a call for pick-up service) *Email filing to: (ONLY for expedited filings) 1-email No paper copy will be mailed Check is attached - Please make one check payable for the total amount of the fees (i.e., $125. if you are requesting expedited service) to the Alabama Secretary of State. Charge fees to prepaid account: Account Number and Account Name Typed Name & Signature of Authorized Individual on Account Credit Card Type: (Visa, MC, Discover & AmEx) Card Number: Expiration Mo/Yr: / (MM/YY) Card Holder Name: Complete Billing Address: Street or PO City State Zip Signature of Card Holder: MUST be Signature of Card Holder American LegalNet, Inc.

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