Civil Non Domestic Case Information Report {CC-DCM-002} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Maryland

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Civil Non Domestic Case Information Report {CC-DCM-002} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Maryland

Last updated: 6/22/2023

Civil Non Domestic Case Information Report {CC-DCM-002}

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR (City or County) CIVIL - NON-DOMESTIC CASE INFORMATION REPORT DIRECTIONS Plaintiff: This Information Report must be completed and attached to the complaint filed with the Clerk of Court unless your case is exempted from the requirement by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals pursuant to Rule 2-111(a). Defendant: You must file an Information Report as required by Rule 2-323(h). THIS INFORMATION REPORT CANNOT BE ACCEPTED AS A PLEADING FORM FILED BY: PLAINTIFF DEFENDANT CASE NUMBER (Clerk to insert) CASE NAME: Plaintiff vs. Defendant PARTY'S NAME: PHONE: PARTY'S ADDRESS: PARTY'S E-MAIL: If represented by an attorney: PARTY'S ATTORNEY'S NAME: PHONE: PARTY'S ATTORNEY'S ADDRESS: PARTY'S ATTORNEY'S E-MAIL: JURY DEMAND? Yes No RELATED CASE PENDING? Yes No If yes, Case #(s), if known: ANTICIPATED LENGTH OF TRIAL?: hours days PLEADING TYPE New Case: Original Administrative Appeal Appeal Existing Case: Post-Judgment Amendment If filing in an existing case, skip Case Category/ Subcategory section - go to Relief section. IF NEW CASE: CASE CATEGORY/SUBCATEGORY (Check one box.) TORTS Government Constructive Trust PUBLIC LAW Asbestos Insurance Attorney Grievance Contempt Assault and Battery Product Liability Bond Forfeiture Remission Deposition Notice Business and Commercial PROPERTY Civil Rights Dist Ct Mtn Appeal Conspiracy Adverse Possession County/Mncpl Code/Ord Financial Conversion Breach of Lease Election Law Grand Jury/Petit Jury Defamation Detinue Eminent Domain/Condemn. Miscellaneous False Arrest/Imprisonment Distress/Distrain Environment Perpetuate Testimony/Evidence Fraud Ejectment Error Coram Nobis Prod. of Documents Req. Lead Paint - DOB of Forcible Entry/Detainer Receivership Habeas Corpus Youngest Plt: Foreclosure Sentence Transfer Mandamus Loss of Consortium Commercial Set Aside Deed Prisoner Rights Malicious Prosecution Residential Special Adm. - Atty Public Info. Act Records Currency or Vehicle Malpractice-Medical Subpoena Issue/Quash Quarantine/Isolation Deed of Trust Malpractice-Professional Trust Established Writ of Certiorari Land Installments Trustee Substitution/Removal Misrepresentation Witness Appearance-Compel Lien Motor Tort EMPLOYMENT Mortgage Negligence PEACE ORDER ADA Right of Redemption Nuisance Peace Order Conspiracy Statement Condo Premises Liability EQUITY EEO/HR Forfeiture of Property / Product Liability Declaratory Judgment Personal Item Specific Performance FLSA Equitable Relief Fraudulent Conveyance Toxic Tort FMLA Injunctive Relief Trespass Landlord-Tenant Workers' Compensation Wrongful Death Mandamus Lis Pendens Wrongful Termination Mechanic's Lien CONTRACT OTHER INDEPENDENT Ownership Asbestos Accounting PROCEEDINGS Partition/Sale in Lieu Breach Friendly Suit Quiet Title Business and Commercial Assumption of Jurisdiction Grantor in Possession Rent Escrow Confessed Judgment Maryland Insurance Administration Return of Seized Property Authorized Sale (Cont'd) Miscellaneous Attorney Appointment Right of Redemption Construction Body Attachment Issuance Specific Transaction Tenant Holding Over Debt Structured Settlements Commission Issuance Fraud CC-DCM-002 (Rev. 04/2017) Page 1 of 3 American LegalNet, Inc. IF NEW OR EXISTING CASE: RELIEF (Check All that Apply) Abatement Administrative Action Appointment of Receiver Arbitration Asset Determination Attachment b/f Judgment Cease & Desist Order Condemn Bldg Contempt Court Costs/Fees Damages-Compensatory Damages-Punitive Earnings Withholding Return of Property Judgment-Interest Enrollment Sale of Property Judgment-Summary Expungement Specific Performance Liability Findings of Fact Writ-Error Coram Nobis Oral Examination Foreclosure Writ-Execution Order Injunction Ownership of Property Writ-Garnish Property Writ-Garnish Wages Judgment-Affidavit Partition of Property Writ-Habeas Corpus Judgment-Attorney Fees Peace Order Writ-Mandamus Judgment-Confessed Possession Writ-Possession Judgment-Consent Production of Records Judgment-Declaratory Quarantine/Isolation Order Judgment-Default Reinstatement of Employment If you indicated Liability above, mark one of the following. This information is not an admission and may not be used for any purpose other than Track Assignment. Liability is conceded. Liability is not conceded, but is not seriously in dispute. Liability is seriously in dispute. MONETARY DAMAGES (Do not include Attorney's Fees, Interest, or Court Costs) Under $10,000 Medical Bills $ $10,000 - $30,000 Wage Loss $ $30,000 - $100,000 Over $100,000 Property Damages $ ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION INFORMATION Is this case appropriate for referral to an ADR process under Md. Rule 17-101? (Check all that apply) A. Mediation Yes No C. Settlement Conference Yes No B. Arbitration Yes No D. Neutral Evaluation Yes No SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS If a Spoken Language Interpreter is needed, check here and attach form CC-DC-041 If you require an accommodation for a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, check here and attach form CC-DC-049 ESTIMATED LENGTH OF TRIAL With the exception of Baltimore County and Baltimore City, please fill in the estimated LENGTH OF TRIAL. (Case will be tracked accordingly) 1/2 day of trial or less 1 day of trial time 2 days of trial time BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY CASE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM For all jurisdictions, if Business and Technology track designation under Md. Rule 16-308 is requested, attach a duplicate copy of complaint and check one of the tracks below. Expedited- Trial within 7 months of Defendant's response Standard - Trial within 18 months of Defendant's response 3 days of trial time More than 3 days of trial time EMERGENCY RELIEF REQUESTED CC-DCM-002 (Rev. 04/2017) Page 2 of 3 American LegalNet, Inc. COMPLEX SCIENCE AND/OR TECHNOLOGICAL CASE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (ASTAR) FOR PURPOSES OF POSSIBLE SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT TO ASTAR RESOURCES JUDGES under Md. Rule 16-302, attach a duplicate copy of complaint and check whether assignment to an ASTAR is requested. Expedited - Trial within 7 months of Defendant's response Standard - Trial within 18 months of Defendant's response IF YOU ARE FILING YOUR COMPLAINT IN BALTIMORE CITY, OR BALTIMORE COUNTY, PLEASE FILL OUT THE APPROPRIATE BOX BELOW. CIRCUIT COURT FOR BALTIMORE CITY (CHECK ONLY ONE) Expedited Civil-Short Civil-Standard Custom Asbestos Lead Paint Tax Sale Foreclosures Mortgage Foreclosures Trial 60 to 120 days from notice. Non-jury matters. Trial 210 days from firs

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