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License Agreement (Office) | Pdf Fpdf Docx | New York

Last updated: 12/2/2022

License Agreement (Office)

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LEASE AGREEMENT The Landlord and Tenant agree to lease the Premises at the Rent and for the Term stated on these terms: LANDLORD: ___________________________________________ TENANT: _________________________________________ Address for Notices Premises: Lease date: Broker (if no broker, insert %22none%22): , 20 Term: beginning ending , 20 , 20 Yearly Rent Monthly Rent Security $ $ $ 1. Use The Premises must be used to live in only and for no other reason. Only a party signing this Lease, spouse and children of that party may use the Premises. 2. Failure to give possession Landlord shall not be liable for failure to give Tenant possession of the Premises on the beginning date of the Term. Rent shall be payable as of the beginning of the Term unless Landlord is unable to give possession. In that case rent shall be payable when possession is available. Landlord will notify Tenant as to the date possession is available. The ending date of the Term will not change. 3. Rent, added rent The rent payment for each month must be paid on the first day of that month at Landlord's Address above. Landlord need not give notice to pay the rent. Rent must be paid in full no amount subtracted from it. The first month's rent is to be paid when Tenant signs this Lease. Tenant may be required to pay other charges to Landlord under the terms of this Lease. They are to be called %22added rent.%22 This added rent is payable as rent, together with the next monthly rent due. If Tenant fails to pay the added rent on time, Landlord shall have the same rights against Tenant as if it were a failure to pay rent. The whole amount of rent is due and payable when this lease is effective. Payment of rent in installments is for Tenant's convenience only. If Tenant defaults, Landlord may give notice to Tenant that Tenant may no longer pay rent in installments. The entire rent for the remaining part of the term will then be due and payable. 4. Notices Any bill, statement or notice must be in writing and delivered or mailed to the Tenant at the Premises and to the Landlord at the Address for Notices. It will be considered delivered on the day mailed or if not mailed, when left at the proper address. Any notice most be sent by certified mail. Landlord must send Tenant written notice if Landlord changes the Address for Notices. 5. Security Tenant has given Security to Landlord in the amount stated above. If Tenant fully complies with all the terms of this Lease, Landlord will return the security after the Term ends. If Tenant does not fully comply with the terms of this Lease, Landlord may use the Security to pay amounts owed by Tenant, including damages. If Landlord sells the Premises, Landlord may give the Security to the buyer. Tenant will look only to the buyer for the return of the Security. 6. Utilities and services Tenant must pay for the following utilities and services when billed: gas, water, electric, fuel, telephone, gardening, exterminating., ___________________________________________________________. (Add other utilities and services, if any) Maintenance service contracts shall be maintained, continued and paid for by Tenant. These charges will be added rent. 7. Furnishings If the Premises are furnished, the furniture and other furnishings are accepted %22as is.%22 If an inventory is supplied each party shall have a signed copy. 8. Repairs, alterations Tenant must keep, and at the end of the Term return the Premises and all appliances, equipment, furniture, furnishings and other personal property clean and in good order and repair. Tenant is not responsible for ordinary wear and damage by the elements. If Tenant defaults, Landlord has the right to make repairs and charge Tenant the cost. The cost will be added rent. Tenant must not alter, decorate, change or add to the Promises. 9. Space %22as is%22 Tenant has inspected the Premises. Tenant states that they are in good order and repair and takes the Premises %22as is.%22 other . American LegalNet, Inc. 10. Care of Premises, grounds Tenant shall keep the grounds neat and clean. Vehicles may be driven or parked only in driveways or in the garage. 11. Fire, damage Tenant must give Landlord immediate notice in case of fire or other damage to the Premises. Landlord will have the right to repair the damage within a reasonable time or cancel this Lease. If Landlord repairs, Tenant shall pay rent only to the date of the fire or damage and shall start to pay rent again when the Premises become usable. Landlord may cancel the Lease by giving Tenant 3 days' written notice. The Term shall be over at the end of the third day and all rent shall be paid to the date of the damage. 12. Liability Landlord is not liable for loss, expense or damage to any person or property unless it is due to Landlord's negligence. Tenant must pay for dam-ages suffered and money spent by Landlord relating to any claim arising from any act or neglect of Tenant. Tenant is responsible for all acts of Tenant's family, employees, guests and invitees. 13. Landlord's consent If Tenant requires Landlord's consent to any act and such consent is not given, Tenant's only right is to ask the Court to force Landlord to give consent. Tenant agrees not to make any claim against Landlord for money or subtract any sum from the rent because such consent was not given. 14. Assignment, sublet Tenant may not sublet all or part of the Premises, or assign this Lease or permit any other person to use the Premises. 15. Landlord may enter, keys, signs Landlord may at reasonable times, enter the Premises to examine, to make repairs or alterations, and to show it to possible buyers, lenders or tenants. Tenant must give to Landlord keys to all locks. Locks may not be changed or additional locks installed without Landlord's consent. Doors must be locked at all times. Windows must be locked when Tenant is out. Landlord may place the usual %22For Rent%22 or %22For Sale%22 signs upon the Premises. 16. Subordination This Lease and Tenant's rights are subject and subordinate to all present and future (a) leases for the Premises or the land on which it stands, (b) mortgages on the leases or on the Premises or on the land, (c) agreements securing money paid or to be paid by the lender, under mortgages, and (d) terms, conditions, renewals, changes of any kind in and extensions of the mortgages or leases or Lender agreements. Tenant must promptly exe-cute any certificate(s) that Landlord requests to show that this Lease is subject

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