Articles Of Termination For Limited Liability Company (Domestic LLC) {F0045} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | South Carolina

 South Carolina   Secretary Of State   Limited Liability Company 
Articles Of Termination For Limited Liability Company (Domestic LLC) {F0045} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | South Carolina

Last updated: 12/2/2022

Articles Of Termination For Limited Liability Company (Domestic LLC) {F0045}

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67$7( 2) 6287+ &$52/,1$ 6(&5(7$5< 2) 67$7( $57,&/(6 2) 7(50,1$7,21 Limited Liability Company ­ Domestic Filing Fee - $10.00 7<3( 25 35,17 &/($5/< ,1 %/$&. ,1. The following limited liability company having dissolved and completed its winding up, terminates its existence by filing these articles of termination in accordance with S.C. Code of Laws §33-44-805: 1. The name of the limited liability company is ____________________________________________________ 2. The date the articles of organization were filed is ________________________________________________ 3. The date of the dissolution of this limited liability company was ____________________________________ 4. Has the company wound up its business and terminated its legal existence? ___________________________ 5. Unless otherwise specified, these articles are effective when endorsed for filing by the Secretary of State. Specify the time and date of any delayed effective date ___________________________________________ __________________________________________ Signature 3OHDVH VHH WKH )LOLQJ &KHFNOLVW EHORZ Capacity/Position of Person Signing (<RX PXVW FKHFN RQH ER[.) Manager Fiduciary Member Attorney-in-Fact Organizer _________________________________________ Print or Type Name Date __________________________ )LOLQJ &KHFNOLVW Articles of Termination (filed in duplicate) $10.00 made payable to the Secretary of State's Office Self-Addressed, Stamped Return Envelope Make sure the proper individual has signed the form (Please see S.C. Code of Laws §33-44-205(a)) /LPLWHG /LDELOLW\ &RPSDQ\ IRUPV ILOHG ZLWK WKH 6HFUHWDU\ RI 6WDWH PXVW EH VLJQHG LQ WKH QDPH RI WKH FRPSDQ\ E\ D PDQDJHU RI D PDQDJHUPDQDJHG FRPSDQ\ PHPEHU RI D PHPEHUPDQDJHG FRPSDQ\ SHUVRQ RUJDQL]LQJ WKH FRPSDQ\ LI WKH FRPSDQ\ KDV QRW EHHQ IRUPHG RU ILGXFLDU\ LI WKH FRPSDQ\ LV LQ WKH KDQGV RI D UHFHLYHU WUXVWHH RU RWKHU FRXUW DSSRLQWHG ILGXFLDU\ Return all documents to: South Carolina Secretary of State's Office Attn: Corporate Filings 3HQGOHWRQ 6WUHHW 6XLWH Columbia, SC 2921 LLC ­ Domestic ­ Articles of Termination Form Revised by South Carolina Secretary of State, 0D\ American LegalNet, Inc.

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