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Consent Judgment Praecipe | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | District Of Columbia

Last updated: 11/8/2010

Consent Judgment Praecipe

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CONSENT JUDGMENT PRAECIPE Page 1 L&T FORM 4(a) SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIVIL DIVISION Landlord and Tenant Branch 510 4TH St., N.W., Bldg. B, RM. #110 Washington, D.C. 20001 (202) 879-4879 THE _______________DAY OF __________________, 20_____. _______________________________ Landlord (Plaintiff) v. _______________________________ Tenant (Defendant) JUDGMENT FOR POSSESSION BY CONSENT The CLERK OF THE COURT will please enter a judgment for possession by consent and note that the execution of the said judgment will be stayed conditioned upon the following terms. I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tenant Obligations: ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ Tenant agrees to make all of the following payments including late charges (LC): ______________ LC by _______________________. ______________ LC by _______________________. ______________ LC by _______________________. ______________ LC by _______________________. ______________ LC by _______________________. L&T_____________________ rent of $_____________ and rent of $_____________ and rent of $_____________ and rent of $_____________ and rent of $_____________ and In addition, the tenant will pay court costs of $___________, directly to the Landlord. This payment due with any payment but must be paid by the last payment above. IF THE TENANT FAILS TO MAKE THE ABOVE PAYMENTS IN THE AMOUNT STATED AND BY THE DATES STATED, THEN NI ORDER TO AVOID EVICTION, THE TENEANT MUST BECOME CURRENT BY PAYING ALL OF THE RENT STATED PLUS ALL ADDITIONAL RENT AND COSTS WHICH HAVE COME DUE. II. LANDLORD OBLIGATIONS. Check here ? if the Landlord agrees to make repairs and attach Addendum A setting forth all repairs to be made and their completion dates. If the Landlord fails to make the repairs listed in Addendum A, a Tenant may file a Motion to Compel the Landlord to complete the repairs and/or may seek any other appropriate relief. III. REMEDIES: If the Tenant fails to make any payment as agreed, the Landlord shall be entitled to resume the process which will lead to an eviction. Before the Landlord is allowed to file the writ of restitution (the order which allows an eviction to occur), the Landlord must file an Application for Termination of Stay (FORM 5). A copy must be mailed or hand delivered to the Tenant. Whether the Form 5 is mailed or hand-delivered, the FORM 5 may be presented for filing on or after the 5th day after mailing or hand-delivered (not counting the day of service, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). If the Tenant TIMELY pays all the above payments, the Tenant cannot be evicted in this case and a permanent stay of execution on the judgment will automatically be entered. __________________________________ Tenant (Defendant) ___________________________________________ Landlord (Plaintiff) Form CV-3024 A/AUG. 05 WHITE-COURT YELLOW-DEFENDANT PINK ­ ATTORNEY American LegalNet, Inc. CONSENT JUDGMENT PRAECIPE Page 2 of ___L&T FORM 4(a) _______________________________________________________ Landlord (Plaintiff) v. ________________________________________ Tenant (Defendant) IV. PAYMENTS under this agreement are to be made: A. B. Directly to Landlord Into the Registry of the Court until all repairs listed in Addendum A are completed, after which Tenant shall pay all remaining amounts directly to Landlord. All monies in the Registry may be released to the landlord upon motion with reasonable notice, unless the parties agree otherwise. L&T________________________________________ ALL PAYMENTS, WHETHER TO THE REGISTRY OR TO THE LANDLORD, SHOLD BE MADE PERSONALLY TO INSURE RECEIPT AND MUST BE BY CASH, MONEY ORDER OR CERTIFIED CHECK. V. OTHER: VI. The tenant has read this agreement and/or had the agreement explained and understands the same, and by his/her signature below acknowledges receipt of a copy of the agreement and the terms contained herein. _____________________________________________ Tenant/Attorney for Tenant _____________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ Telephone Number Bar Number ____________________________________________ Landlord/Attorney for Landlord ____________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________ Telephone Number Bar Number APPROVED________________________________________________ Interview & Judgment Clerk Form CV-3024 B/AUG. 05 WHITE ­ COURT YELLOW ­ DEFENDANT PINK ­ ATTORNEY American LegalNet, Inc.

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