Instructions And Request For Records {TF-311 PA} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Alaska

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Instructions And Request For Records {TF-311 PA} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Alaska

Last updated: 10/13/2022

Instructions And Request For Records {TF-311 PA}

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Page 1 of 2 TF-311 PA (5/18) INSTRUCTIONS AND REQUEST FOR RECORDS Instructions for Requesting Records The Palmer Trial Court cannot research a case or take requests about a case over the phone. You may request copies or information from a court case file using the form on page 2. You may send your request by email or fax as noted below: Customers located in and outside of Palmer Fax: (907) 746-8152 Email: Please complete the entire records request form. It is important that every section be filled out. If information is missing from your request, it may take longer to process. The processing time for a normal request is 5 to 7 business days. Large requests or requests that require research may take longer to process (up to 14 days or more). Prepayment may be required. Confidential Records. Only parties to a case are allowed to receive copies of confidential case files. If you are requesting confidential records, you must present photo ID to the court clerk when making your request. In addition to cases that have been made confidential by a judge, the following case types are confidential: Adoption, Child in Need of Aid (CINA), Conservatorship, Delinquency, Guardianship, Minor Settlement, and Sanity (Hospitalization). If your PAPalmer court case. If your case is not a Palmer court case, then the Palmer court does not have access to the files and cannot process the request. Your request must be sent to the particular court that has your case file. Please be aware that if you do not provide a case number, an hourly research fee will be added to your invoice. To find a case number for a case from 1990 to the current date, please visit our website at Fees Fee amounts can also be found in Administrative Rule 9(d). Research fee A minimum of one hour will be charged for research performed. Plain copies Per document charge . Certified copies Per document charge with a reduced charge for each additional certified copy of the same document . These documents must be mailed. Exemplified copies These documents must be mailed. Authenticated copies These documents must be mailed. For an apostille, please contact the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. Please indicate the type of copies you are requesting (plain, certified, exemplified, authenticated). If it is not specified in the request, plain copies will be sent to you. In making your request, you acknowledge that we will charge you for the copies and services you request, and you agree to pay for them. American LegalNet, Inc. Page 2 of 2 TF-311 PA (5/18) INSTRUCTIONS AND REQUEST FOR RECORDS Alaska Court System 435 South Denali Street, Palmer, AK 99645-6437 Phone: (907) 746-8181 Fax: (907) 746-8152 Email: Records Request Phone Number: Fax Number: E-Mail Address: Mailing Address: Case Name: Case Number: Make sure to give us the case number or you will be charged an hourly research fee to find it. You can find the case number yourself by searching our website at: DOCUMENTS NEEDED FROM CASE FILE Petition, Complaint, Charging Documents Judgment Decree: Dissolution/Divorce Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) Dismissal Satisfaction of Judgment Log Notes Dated: Motion: Order: Other: All Documents in Case File Send documents to me by: E-Mail US Mail Fax Will pick up in person FEES You acknowledge that we will charge you for the copies and services you request, and you agree to pay for them. For more information about fees, see page 1. Select the type of copies or service you want below. Plain copies will be sent if you do not specify. Plain copies Certified copies Exemplified copies Authenticated copies Research PAYMENT METHOD Select your method of payment below. If you select online payment, we will e-mail an invoice with instructions to the e-mail address above. Online (credit) Mail (check, money order) In Person (cash, check, money order, credit) COMPLETE THIS SECTION IF REQUESTING CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS - For more information about confidential records, see page 1. Bring a photo ID and sign below in the presence of a clerk of court, notary public, or other authorized individual. I state on oath or affirm that I read this document and believe all statements in it are true. Date Signature Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me at , Alaska on (SEAL) Clerk of Court, Notary Public, or other person authorized to administer oaths. My commission expires Court Use Only Date Received: Processed on: Exemption: ADR 9 ADR 10 Amount Due: Court Receipt: Clerk: State Agency Other American LegalNet, Inc.

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